June 22, 2015

I Have A Blog Name Now!

So if you guys have been here a while, like a reaaal while, you might know that my blog name used to be 'The Beauty of a Nerd', but it never really stuck with me and I always wanted to change it, so I decided to use my own name for the time being until I thought of something better.

Well here we are, almost 2 years into blogging and I still have no idea what I want my blog name to be. After some experimenting though and throwing a few words together, I've finally decided on a name that I'm super happy with:

Eight-Bit Beauty!

It literally took me a week of brainstorming and about 30 trashed ideas later, but I have to say this name suits my personality so well and I'm really happy to have one more piece of my blogging identity in place.

The name was inspired by my huge love of video games as well as my love for beauty and makeup, mashed into one so you can get to know me right away just by reading the title of my blog.

Let me know your guys's thoughts on the new name, and the story behind your blog name too! Did it take you years like me to decide on, or did you know what you wanted to call your blog right off the bat? I'm curious to hear all your stories :)

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