June 19, 2015

Nails In A Jiffy | Kiss Nail Wraps

Kiss Nail Dress in Bustier | $6.99 for duo pack

The more I use nail wraps, the more I wonder why I even bother buying nail polish anymore. For one, they take about half as much time to apply as painting my nails, they're about 500% less messy, and well, they always come out looking great. It could be because I'm not very gifted in the polish painting category anyways, but I'm slowly becoming accustomed to using nail wraps anytime my nails are feeling boring now.

I got this nail wrap set from Kiss this Christmas in the color Bustier, and was instantly starstruck by it so I was ecstatic to see it under my tree. It took me a few months to actually use them however, because I was afraid of messing up the application and wasting such a pretty print. Since this set comes with a full wrap as well as a french tip version however, I decided to use up the french tips first to see how they turned out.

I'm happy to report that these applied absolutely perfect! I didn't have any problems at the tips when filing them down, and they were pretty much effortless to put on since they're just like little stickers. I also found they were easy to pull off and try reapplying again if I happened to mess up one or two along the way.

Now I did go a little (okay a lot) thicker than a normal french tip with these which I know some people hate the look of, but I really wanted to get the entire ombre effect with all the colors showing so I think it works with this look.

For finishing touches, I just applied a Glow In The Dark coat on the bottom half of my nail to give a bit of luminosity, and a Sally Hansen top coat across the entire nail for added longevity. I found that I got right around 5 days of wear with these until I started to see 'chipping' on a few of my nails, and by day 7 I decided to take them off completely and give my nails a break since I was ready to move onto a new design.

At $6.99 for two uses, these aren't exactly the cheapest nail routine to have, but if you wear a new design every week,  you can get away with a box or two lasting you a month with breaks in between which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. It definitely beats getting them done at the salon within that price point I'm sure.

Are you a fan of nail wraps? What are some of your favorite prints and brands? 

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