July 1, 2015

MAC Haul | New Site Pick Ups

MAC Haul
MAC Haul | Spend $50 Get $10 Off Sale

In celebration of MAC's new and improved website, they offered everyone who subscribed to their email newsletter a coupon code for $10 off a $50 purchase, which I was immediately all about since prestigue brands, especially ones like Mac, NEVER have sales. Like, never ever. And when they finally do one, its hard to say no.

Though I didn't need any particular products this time around, I decided to pick up the Face & Body foundation in the shade white, as well as the Studio Careblend pressed powder in Light, which is my first face powder from them.

MAC Haul

MAC Face And Body White

I picked up Face And Body in White after seeing a post on Filosophies blog about Makeup Forever's verison of this foundation and their white mixing pigment, since it reminded me that I've not only been wanting to try Face & Body for a long time but I also desperately needed a white base to mix my other foundations with. Since ya know, 90% of the foundations in my collection don't match me at all and I'm tired of having to blend bronzer halfway down my neck #palegirlproblems .

This bottle of Face & Body is in the monstrous 120 ml size for $35, which will probably last me forever so I think it was worth the price. This is a very watery formula though, so I do dislike that I have to use so much product to get the color I want since the coverage is very minimal, and it can tend to water down my full coverage foundations on days I want a heavier look.

MAC Careblend

I also picked up the Careblend face powder as mentioned earlier in the shade Light, which was a total impulse buy because I had never seen a blog review or tutorial using this product before. I had always wanted to try out the MSF Natural powder but it was a bit more money than I wanted to spend and this one had amazing reviews on the Mac site so I thought it would be worth trying out.

This stuff feels so creamy and supple on the skin, and I think any dry ladies out there will LOVE this powder. Since I have combination skin, I'm going to post a review once I've used it enough to see how it plays with my oily areas.

MAC Strobe Cream

With Mac's new site, they're now offering a free mini sample product with every order (yes!!!!) so I decided to go with the Strobe Cream this time around because I've always been super intrigued with their skincare products but never wanted to shell out the hefty price tag. Its super luminous and hydrating compared to the current Clinique moisturizer I'm using, so I might actually pick up the Sized To Go bottle to test it out further.

I think Mac's new site is a huge step in the right direction for the brand, and I was incredibly excited to see them offer us a coupon code in celebration since its something I've never seen them do before. I was also surprised to see them offering free samples with every purchase now like many other sites have been doing for years, so I think things will be looking up for the brand.

Hopefully we can expect more and more sales in the future to give us a reason to start splurging on some MAC products again!

Are you a fan of MAC products? If so, what are some of your favorite things they carry?



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