July 3, 2015

Simple & Smokey | Eyeshadow Tutorial

Simple Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial
Eyeshadow Tutorial | Featuring the Balm, Maybelline, & More

I think eyeshadow tutorials might be some of my favorite posts to write about on my blog because for one, I'm an eyeshadow junkie and two, they're fun to write about and take pictures of because I love experimenting with my eyeshadow more than anything else. Plus, its always fun to share my looks with my blog family.

I'm not a professional makeup artist by any means (you guys know this), but hopefully that still makes my tutorials fun to read because your skill level is probably just as good if not better than mine :D

Simple Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Today, I have for you a pretty basic 'smokey'ish eye look, that I've made to be super easy to do and wearable enough that you can wear it to work or school. I also chose cool toned neutral shadows for this look, since I think cool colors tend to be quite forgotten about these days in the makeup world.

To start out, you want to apply an eye primer to your lids to ensure you're getting the best wear time and pigmentation of your eyeshadows. I've just placed some of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance from lid to brow.

Simple Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

1. Using a large flat shadow brush, apply a matte vanilla eyeshadow from the crease to your brow bone, allowing us to easily blend eyeshadows later on. I also added some along my lower waterline to even out the skin color. For this, I used Avon's True Color Single in Soft Vanilla.

2. Going in with Samba from the Balms La Balmba palette, I'm applying this right into the crease with a large eyeshadow brush, concentrating most of the color in the inner part of the eye, and flaring the rest out at the outer corner. This is going to act as a half crease color/ half transition shade, so blend away!

3. With a slightly more tapered and stiff crease brush, I'm using Tango from the same La Balmba palette and concentrating the color on the outer crease of the eye, then going back in with the fluffy brush from step 2 to blend Samba and Tango together further. Keep working with these back and forth until you have the desired color intensity for each.

4. Now with a small flat shader brush, back on a dark brown eyeshadow onto the lid, slowly building the color up until you get the desired intensity. I usually like to pack on a ton of color onto the center of the lid first, then slowly blend it towards the edges of the lid to easily blend everything up into the crease colors. For this brown, I used the deepest color from a really old Maybelline Natural Smokes quad.

As a side note, I decided to keep the lower waterline clear of eyeshadow, besides the matte vanilla shade, to give this look optimal wearability and not make it too bold for the everyday lady. You can most definitely add colors underneath the eye if you feel you need it though :)

5. Add some mascara, gel liner, and boom you're done! I also took a tiny bit of what was left over on my eyeliner brush and drug a little bit of the product along the lower lashes, just to connect the top and bottom parts of the look a little more cohesively. For mascara, I used a sample size of Lancome's Hypnose Drama which I love, and for liner I used Maybelline's Lasting Drama black gel liner.

Simple Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Ta-da! I haven't actually worn a darker eye like this in quite some time, which made me really miss them because they always end up looking the best on me since I have such large eyelids.

I never do a clean lower lashline anymore either which is something else I really seem to be enjoying lately, so this look has brought back some major makeup nostalgia and definitely going to be the start of me bringing some old looks back!

Simple Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

So let me know what you guys want to see next! A colorful eye, an everyday eyeshadow look, an eyeliner tutorial? You name it and I'll try it out. I really want to do some series tutorials where I do looks based on characters or people because it seems like a fun way to spice up my work looks so we shall see what the tutorial future holds ;)

Do you ever recreate looks you find on the internet, or do you prefer to experiment with your own ideas? Maybe a little bit of both? Let me know!

Shown Above:
Too Faced | Shadow Insurance


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