July 7, 2015

Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | $49 for 16 eyeshadows

Ah, it only took me 3 or 4 months but I finally have for you my review on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette! I think it took me so long to write this because everyone in the blogger world has reviewed this palette already, buuuut I figured it wouldn't hurt to add in my extra two cents.

If you guys remember, I bought this palette in a set that HSN offered a few months back that was $49 for the original Chocolate Bar Palette, full size Better Than Sex mascara, travel sized Shadow Insurance eye primer, and full size La Creme lipstick in Nude Beach. I already did a review on the lipstick and mascara, so here's my final installment on the full sized product reviews :)

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette contains 16 eyeshadows, and is infamous for its neutral but exciting color selection, great blendability, and intoxicating chocolate smell, which are all some of the features I love most about it.

Unlike say the Naked palettes, I feel like this palette offers a great range of neutral eyeshadows, and ranges from the most basic colors such as a matte nude like White Chocolate, to more vibrant and bright colors like Candied Violet. It gives you the choice of going with a standard neutral eye for the day, or making it a little more bold and unique by adding in one or two more exciting shadows.

This palette also offers a great selection of finishes, with a pretty nice balance of not only mattes and shimmers, but more glittery formulas as well. The best way to describe this palette is simply that the possibilities are endless.

As for the formula and texture of each shadow, I do find a few misses in the bunch, but for the most part they're soft, pigmented, and effortless to blend.

Some of my favorites include Salted Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Semi-Sweet which I find myself using in almost all of my eye looks because they all make perfect crease or transition shades, and each have a different undertone depending on the look you're going for that day.

Some of the misses for me include White Chocolate and Strawberry Bon Bon. Light pinks like Strawberry Bon Bon tend to always be a bit of a tricky shade to wear, but I find this one also lacks in pigmentation so I never reach for it. White Chocolate is still usable, but its definitely a more dry, chalky texture than the other colors in the palette making it a bit disappointing since its one of the larger colors and a staple for almost every eye look. 

The packaging basically speaks for itself so I don't really need to say anything but surprise: its SUPER cute! Too Faced has never held back when it comes to their packaging regardless, so its really just the Too Faced standard by now. It also has a magnetic closure which I'm a big fan of, and has a massive mirror lining the entire inside of the lid. It is bulky and large however, but I really don't mind the size since its really the only palette you would need if you decide to travel with it.

Also note that the older versions of this palette don't have the names directly on the pan, while the new ones do.

As for the smell, its the same chocolately (baby doll face as I say) scent that we all love from the chocolate Too Faced products, and is loved by those who normally don't even like scented makeup products. It is a slightly addicting scent though, since I have to stuff my nose in it every time I open it up.


5 stars was an easy rating for me this time around because well, the pictures say it all. Its a great neutral palette for anyone out there, and I love that it has your staple neutral shades as well as some more interesting stand out colors that can really help people who don't normally reach for color add something new to their routine. The packaging is superb, it smells wonderful, and all around the formula of each color is nothing short of great, despite a few misses in the bunch that are still decent for eyeshadows in general. Though I got this palette on a super discount with the set, I would still easily pay the 50 bucks for it and I plan on buying the Semi-Sweet one as well because I love this one so much. If you're someone who doesn't like having a ton of makeup products at once, this palette is a great option because its all you need to create hundreds of different looks with :)

Have you tried this palette by now, or has it never been of much interest to you?

Shown Above:
Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette 


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