April 24, 2017

Instapeeks | Eye Looks Galore

Instagram | @lizzyxfresh

While I've been super busy with work and haven't had a ton of time to post on the blog, I have been posting a ton on my Instagram recently and thought I'd share some of those posts on here! I've been really into snapping my makeup lately, so here's an array of eye looks I've done in the last few months.

I did a bunch of Dragon Ball Z inspired looks and plan on doing a few more still as well, and I really want to start getting a bit more creative on there and doing some less wearable but more artsy stuff in the near future. I definitely wanna incorporate more of my nerd side too, since anime has become a big part of my life lately and I've always been a massive video game geek!

I don't want to bother you guys too much on my blog with Instagram stuff, so if you do want to keep updated with anything I do on there in the future, go ahead and give me a follow at @lizzyxfresh .

Also as a bit of a random thought, I've been getting much more into drugstore and indie makeup recently (as you'll see in upcoming posts), so definitely let me know what your favorite indie eyeshadow brands are so I can check them out!

Do you ever recreate makeup looks you first saw on social media?

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