February 2, 2018

Too Faced Clover Palette Vs. A Fake | Why It's Worth Paying More

Real Too Faced Clover Palette | $49 for 18 shades

Like most people, I definitely enjoy a good dupe. I'm usually quite frugal, and sometimes on a tighter budget, so if I hear an expensive product I'm interested in has a dupe, I'll usually grab the dupe to test out first so I don't have to waste the money if it ends up being great! That being said, a dupe and a fake are two very different things, and the latter can be quite dangerous. That's why when I accidentally got a hold of a fake Too Faced Clover Palette for Christmas from a relative, I thought it would be a great time to show a hands on comparison.

First up, the packaging. While the outside looks similar, the real deal is textured all over including where the characters are, while the fake is only textured where it says 'Clover'. The real one also has a much more durable, better looking interior, with a plastic gold frame that hold the pans in place while the fake uses a cheap cardboard that looks dented and wrongly sized in various areas around the pans. The fake also has misspellings on the outer box that the actual product comes in, including a completely wrong description, like referring to the palette as the Sweet Peach face palette. 

For the eyeshadow formula and colors themselves, these are also night and day from each other. The authentic Clover Palette's shades are far more vibrant in the pan, with the metallics looking much more rich and shimmery and the colorful shades looking deeper and less muddied. The fake also has a much drier texture, with some of the shades barely having any pigment at all. 

The worst part about the fake in my opinion, is that it has a very strong, baby powder like smell. It honestly gives me a headache just by having it open near me for too long. The reason why I referred to fakes being dangerous like this earlier, is because these kinds of palettes don't go through any kind of prior testing like normal companies do, so there can be an array of unknown ingredients being used. The smell of this palette alone is enough proof that they probably aren't very safe, especially for such an important area near your eyes. Because of that, I wouldn't feel comfortable using this anywhere near my eyes, let alone my face in general.

So the final verdict? Not only are fakes unsafe to be using as cosmetics, due to the unknown ingredients among many other things, but the quality of the product itself is much more poor than the real deal, which in this case, the genuine Clover Palette is actually great! While dupes are totally okay and are a great alternative for those on a budget (such as products from Makeup Revolution for example), I would steer clear of any 3rd party sites that list products like this for a fraction of the original price claiming to be real. If you're on a budget but want similar colors, I would find an affordable brand like Makeup Geek or Coastal Scents to purchase individual shades from ^-^

Have you ever bought any fake products before, whether on purpose or accident? What was your experience with them?

Shown Above:
Fake was bought from Ebay (not recommended)

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