April 30, 2018

Carbon Coco | Ultimate Carbon Kit Review

*This kit was sent to me for free to review

If you follow me on Instagram and see the array of selfies I constantly post, you probably can tell I'm not really a fan of my teeth since I never smile with them. Not only do I have an overbite with a few gaps in the front I'm self conscious about, but I've been drinking tea nonstop my entire life so they aren't as white as I'd like. That's why when Carbon Coco asked if I'd be interested in trying out this kit, I was really excited to see if I could gain at least a little bit of teeth confidence again!

They have a large selection of different kits on their website to choose from, but I was sent the Ultimate Carbon Kit, which includes a toothbrush with bamboo bristles, 1 tube of their fluoride free activated charcoal toothpaste, and the star of the show, a tub of their activated charcoal tooth polish. This kit is the most affordable one they offer, at $44.95. Best of all, its 100% natural and cruelty free!

This kit involves doing 2 steps, which they recommend doing twice a day for 14 days straight in order to see full results (some may see results in more or less time, however). First, you dip your wet toothbrush into the Charcoal Polish, brush for 2-3 minutes then rinse, then follow it doing the same with the toothpaste. The polish itself looks a bit funny since it's pure black, but its completely tasteless! Meanwhile, the toothpaste is a really good mint flavor which foams up like crazy, making your mouth feel clean and fresh after using. It's a super simple routine, and only adds a very small step to standard tooth brushing with the polish.

While it can seem like a slow process, I definitely do think my teeth look much cleaner and brighter now! I'm about 15 days in and though my teeth still aren't completely white, I do find myself being much less afraid to smile lately. Not only that, but the polish comes with so much product that I still have more than half of the jar leftover that I can continue using daily and for future touch ups to keep them in shape. 

If I had any gripes at all about this kit, it would be that it can get quite a bit messy, so I'd keep a washcloth nearby to clean up all the little black specks that will probably be strewn around the sink and bathroom. I also think the price is quite steep for what you get, but because the polish does contain a ton of product that goes a long way and I always see them running 20-30% off sales almost weekly, I think it's easier to justify the cost (they actually just lowered their prices for this kit by $15! From $60 when I first received it to $45 now, I think its much more reasonable).

Pictures above are before and after my 2 week usage. I used the same lighting for both pictures (ring light) despite being in slightly different poses/areas*

Overall, I have to say I quite like these products! While they aren't going to have an instant whitening effect for most people, I think it's definitely worth giving the kit a shot if you're a bit self conscious of your teeth like I am and want to try a natural method of brightening them up. It's a quick and easy routine that will slowly build your confidence more and more after each use, and I'm happy Carbon Coco gave me the opportunity to try them out!

Have you ever used any teeth whitening products? What were they, and how well did they work for you?

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