July 3, 2013

Quick Hair Dye Review: Special Effects, Manic Panic, and Beyond The Zone!

So here is just a super fast hair dye review of the colors I put in my hair the other day :) I've only been doing my bangs unnatural colors for about 2 months now so I'm not too much of a pro on all of the brands or colors and techniques out there but I have tried quite a few so far so here's my little opinion and review on the stuff to buy and stuff to skip!

Here's the first day right after rinsing of my hair: (sorry its from my phone)

And here is a picture of my hair from earlier today that is now two days old:

I originally had done Special Effects Atomic Pink on top and Beyond The Zone Tripped Up Turquoise mixed with Manic Panic Ultraviolet on the bottom which gave a super pretty medium tone blue color with purple tips on the ends but the pink was so insanely strong and bright that it turned the mid tone blueish green to purple after the second shower! :( It still looks cool, but next time I'll definitely have to use a stronger blue which brings me on to the next part of this: The actual brand reviews.

Special Effects- Rating 9/10

Colors tried - Atomic Pink
      - I absolutely love this brand, and Atomic Pink has beyond amazing color payoff and it lasts a really long time, however for someone who likes to constantly change hair colors I find it almost lasts too long! To this day I still have a ton of pink in my hair from this and thats with dying it months ago. Even after putting colors over it I find it extremely hard to get out as every color always seems to fade back to a light pink color, so I highly recommend Special Effects if you keep the same color for long periods of time, but if you're like me who changes your hair up quite often I'd go for something a bit less permanent.


Manic Panic- Rating 10/10

Colors tried- Raven, Ultraviolet, Vampire Red, Green Envy, Rockabilly Blue

     - The things I like about Manic Panic are the big collection of color choices they have and the fairly reasonable price of them. They are easy for me to get since I have a Sally's Beauty Supply nearby and are good when I just wanna run out and try a color without waiting for it to come in the mail. The staying power for me is pretty decent, it usually lasts bright for the first 6 or 7 days depending on the color. I usually use Ultraviolet when I want to get more of a pastel lilacy shade, and Raven in my black hair when I don't want to use any chemical based dye to redo my roots. It does tend to turn green after a few washes though so if you're looking for a black shade be a bit weary. I'd say overall my favorite shades are definitely Vampire Red and Rockabilly Blue so far though! They both have beyond amazing color payoff with a really vibrant tone and I find that they last quite a long time, while still fading out quite nicely if you ever want to put a different color over it. Overall as someone who likes a new hair color quite frequently, I definitely find myself going for Manic Panic the most often since its a good price and convienent to buy.


Beyond The Zone- Rating 3/10

Colors tried- Tripped Up Turquoise

     -Like most people I've seen use this brand, this is probably my least favorite of the bunch :( I bought it at Sally's after they were out of atomic turquoise by Manic Panic and Amazon didn't currently have Special Effect's fishbowl in stock. It cost me about $4.50 which seemed like a really great deal but sadly it just didn't live up to its swatch. As you can see from the picture it faded so fast that the pink took it over with the first wash. I saw many complaints about the color not even taking to most peoples hair at all, but I put this over a pinkish yellow and the first day after leaving it in for an hour it came out a really pretty medium blue! Besides the lasting power which I would say is no more then a day at its brightest it actually was a really pretty color though. I still plan on using the rest of the bottle since I hate wasting and I think next time I'll skip getting my bangs wet the next day to see if there's any improvement. Overall I would say skip this brand and spend money on a more quality one.


  1. I just found your blog after searching for reviews of special effects hair dye. I am currently rocking a purple 'do & have used Manic Panic in the past but tried Special Effects this time around after getting some recommendations. I just dyed it Weds and while I love the color, the rub off and staining is horrible! I was out doing some shopping today and the store was too hot and I seriously had purple running down my face (thank goodness I was able to catch it quickly before being noticed by someone else). I have washed it twice since coloring. Is this normal? Does the staining/rub off get better after the first week? Any advice you can give me would be great!

  2. Oh gosh! I've never had that happen to me but I have heard similar stories from people. While semi-permanent hair dye will almost always run a bit in the shower, it should only be bleeding that heavily within the first few days. I always find that a really vibrant brand stains the heck out of my scalp so I shampoo it as much as I can the first few days to prevent any rub off on pillows and my hands!

    Sorry I can't help too much, vibrant colors definitely look sweet while they last but man are they a pain to take care of ;( pretty much the hassle of dying them is the only thing keeping me with staying blonde at the moment haha.

  3. Thank you for responding! I usually avoid washing too much after new color but I will definitely give it a few more washes before making a full judgement! The shade is perfect so it I can avoid looking like a purple monster as the weather warms I will be a happy camper! Thank you so much!