October 26, 2013

Elf Disney Villians 12 Piece Nail Polish Set

Hello again :) So lately I've been going "buy crazy" over things I normally don't purchase and one of those things has been nail polish and fake nails! I've always been someone who never used to paint their nails because it was always such a chore and I didn't like the way any color looked on me but now I love it, I feel a cute nail color always adds that extra needed charm to an outfit you're wearing :) Today I found this baby at Walgreens on a whim and couldn't resist how good of a deal it was so here is the Elf Disney Villians Nail Polish Set!

This set includes 12 total nail polishes and 4 different Disney villians, each with 3 nail polishes representing themselves. The villians include Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Maleficent, and the Evil Queen.

The price was $9.99 as you can see which I thought was a great deal, I normally never purchase box sets because I don't find enough of the colors to be good or feel the product won't be that great of quality but every color was so pretty and I had heard a lot about the villian sets last fall so I'm glad I got my hands on this! None of the polishes feel cheap at all for being under a dollar each basically and they're pigmented enough that you could definitely get away with one coat for almost all of the colors.

Villain: Ursula

Colors included: 
Coral Dream - Light coraly matte orange
Mint Cream - Light matte mint green
Sea Escape - Nearly black polish with small blue glitter flecks

Villian: Maleficent

Colors included:
Bubble Gum Pink - True midtone matte pink
Mod Mauve - Dark purplely matte red
Gina Girl - Typical glitter polish with purple, red, pink, and green glitter pieces in a clear purple tinted gloss

Villian: Evil Queen (My favorite shade trio of the villians!)

Colors included:
Pot Of Gold - Opaque shimmery gold
Cranberry - Opaque dark red shade with gold shimmer
Thunderstorm - Blue toned dark matte grey

Villian: Cruella De Vil

Colors included:
Nude - Nudey matte pink
Smokin Hot - True matte red
Smoky Brown - Grey toned matte brown

Overall I think this box set is a huge deal and I definitely believe anyone would love it, its an awesome piece to add to any beauty collection especially for those of you out there that are huge Disney fans :D My favorite thing about this is that theres literally a shade for everyone and every occasion and I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of it!

I'm horrible with painting nails still but I'll try to post some swatches of each color in a few weeks for anyone interested :) Let me know if you end up getting this too or anything else from the villian collection and what you think of it!

Thanks for reading! xoxo ^_^

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