October 21, 2013

Review: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

Hey guys! So I have FINALLY gotten pictures and a pretty good opinion on the Kat Von D foundation I recently purchased from Sephora a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd finally put up my review for it :)

And now.. my very first pictures of myself on here haha!

Before Applying Anything To My Face:

As you can see I don't have terribly bad skin, usually just quite a bit of reddness with a few breakouts here and there.

After One Coat of Lock It Foundation Only:

This is without any concealer or powder yet and I already think its super impressive! The coverage is awesome and the color matches me great.

After Applying A Setting Powder and Concealer:

Annnd The Finished Product:

Haha quite a difference from just foundation huh :P
I'll try to link as much as I can at the end of the post!

Heres a super sloppy and quick outfit shot I got too since I didn't have time before my bus to college to get anything good!

Dress: Forever 21
Sheer Kimono Cardigan: SheChic
Sweater Leggings: Target

Foundation Rating:

Packaging: 5/5

For starters, I personally really love the way they designed this foundation, from the pretty art on the bottle to the really handy sheek push pump at the top. This foundation having a pump was an absolute huge bonus for me and definitely factored into me purchasing it. I find it to be much more conserving of the product so you don't constantly pour too much onto your hand and its even more helpful for those of you that need to mix colors so you can get a fairly accurate mixture each time :)

Color: 5/5

As for color, I know the shade range is quite limited but I bought this in Light 44 which I believe is the second lightest shade and though it looks way too dark in the bottle at first, its a perfect match! I find the tone of it to be amazing as well, I'm definitely more yellow then pink but I tend to find most yellow based foundations way too orange on my skin so I feel this is quite a more neutral shade on me allowing it to blend in flawlessly.

Coverage: 5/5

I know this foundation is pretty much known for the ultimate full coverage it gives you, and I would definitely agree with that :) I find myself needing extremely little concealer now if at all.

Formula: 4/5

I think if I were to have one single complaint about this product, it'd probably have to be the thickness of the foundation. Even though I don't find anything wrong with it as far as blendability goes, it can tend to get slighty more cakey and thick around my laugh lines leaving a bit of a crease throughout the day if I don't blend it enough when applying it, but I've learned to get around this by buffing the more crease prone areas with a flat top brush! Even by buffing it the foundation stays put else where and doesn't become patchy at all, just much smoother and even.

Price: 4/5

Though this is definitely the most expensive foundation I own now, I would honestly say its worth every penny and after trying nearly every foundation the drugstore has to offer, I definitely feel I'll be saving money in the long run without having to try something new week after week!

Overall Opinion:

 I have to say this is by far my favorite foundation I've ever used! Its only my third high end brand I've purchased but I wasn't nearly as impressed with those as I am with this product. This is literally the first time I've ever had a foundation that not only lasts all day without creasing around my nose or forehead and stays put but also just makes my skin look super pretty in general! It starts your face with such a nice base for the rest of your routine and really, whats more important in makeup then starting with great looking skin? I always have found that to be a huge priority for me and I'm so glad to have found a product that I won't have to go replace with something new in a month like I normally do. Coming from someone whos used nothing but drugstore products for years, I have to admit that for some makeup products out there, there is just no dupe!

Products Used:
Foundation: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation
Highlighter: Fergie Wet N Wild Shimmer Pallette in Rose Champagne Glow
Lid - MAC Antiqued
Crease- MAC Cork
Highlight- MAC Brule

Comment below if you have any other questions and as always thanks for reading! xoxo ^-^

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