December 26, 2013

Christmas Goodies: Zum Bar Goat Milk Soap

So since it's officially the night following Christmas I thought I would put up a few posts about a couple little things I received from my parents for Christmas this year :) They didn't have a chance to go crazy on my sister and I due to moving just a month ago but they did get us a goodie bag filled with a bunch of cool stuff so I thought today I would share one of the things I was most intrigued about, which was my Zum Bar soaps! :)
The minute my mom handed me my goodie bag I instantly got a huge whiff of a super strong smell, so naturally I dug around first to find what it could possibly be and behold, I found a little bag of these soaps at the bottom.

I honestly had never heard of this company before yesterday so it was a pretty cool surprise to get this from my mom, she knows I've become a huge fan of Lush lately and these reminded her a lot of the soaps I had gotten from there recently so she thought I would enjoy these and I have to say these might even be a Lush replacement for me! The scents are insanely strong and intoxicating, not to mention they are absolutely huge for the price of $5.75! Could you believe she actually found these at Giant Eagle too?! 

Here are the three she picked out for me as well as a picture to show the good size and thickness:

Since I didn't pick these out myself I'm not quite sure on the scents, but I'll try to describe them vaguely the best that I can!

The green and white one is listed as Patchouli - Mint on the website and that's definitely accurate to me: it has by far the strongest smell and I'm a big fan of mint lately so its quite perfect for my life! 

The yellow and blue one isn't obvious from the site pictures, but to me it has a very citrusy - mint smell as well.

 And the brick colored one definitely smells much like a light cinnamony orange scent! 

According to the website each soap is hand-made with goats milk, vegetable oils, glycerin, and pure essential oils to be used as a body wash in the shower (I would even use them as hand soap honestly!), so you definitely know that they are doing your body good with such great ingredients :) I've become a huge "natural regime" gal lately and am slowly weeding myself off of using harsh chemicals on my skin so I really can't wait to try more of these, there's a ton of selections to choose from on the website along with some gift sets so I'll leave a link below if you're interested! :))

Overall, I'm insanely excited to start using these in my shower as well as at the sink for hand soap and for the price of $5.75 given the size and thickness, I'd say they're well worth the price and there's some super creative scents that really make these stand out from the rest of the market :)


Thanks so much for reading and let me know if you've ever tried or heard about these soaps before! ^_^

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