December 26, 2013

EOTD: Simple With A Sweep of Rose

AH, finally, something useful to you all again, I finally have another makeup post for you!

I did this eyelook a few days ago for work because its quite easy and fast to do, especially since I can never be bothered with actually putting in a ton of effort when it comes to work looks! I like simple looks like this on the top lid though because its super easy to add a slight pop of any color you want to underneath the water line for a bit of added excitement. With this look I went with a rosey color underneath to keep it toned down so I hope you enjoy, I'll try to leave as many products as I remember below and what area they were used for!

Lid: Champagne colored shadow from Elf Endless Eyes Palette in Natural
Crease: Cork by MAC
Highlight: Brule by MAC
Lower Lid: Rose color from Elf Endless Eyes Palette in Natural

I have two more eye looks lined up so far so hopefully you'd enjoy seeing EOTD's more often! Until then see ya soon ^_^


  1. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check this post out -
    You have a lovely blog xx
    Adafuns - Makeup, Et Cetera

  2. Also, loving your brows in this! Totally gorgeous! <3

  3. Love your eyeliner!!