May 13, 2014

FOTD: Apricot Haven

I've probably done a similar look to this about 20 other billion times on my blog already, but ironically I always only have enough time to take pictures in the morning when I'm wearing this similar color haha! Not only that, but basically halfway through this college similar I pretty much gave up on trying to be presentable, so I've had a whole lot of "throw on some eyeliner and leave" days. Not too interesting for a makeup post, if I say.

This look isn't all that creative either but alas, I can't bore you guys to death all day with hauls and showing you everything I buy all the time, so I thought it would be better to put up than nothing at all :)

 I still admittingly blow at getting makeup shots like this, but I'm trying to get better heh :s There's not too many tutorials about how to get face makeup shots and eyeshadow close ups on the web other than "LIGHTIIIIIIIIIING" so I'm kind of on my own with learning this time.I'll figure it out soon though... right? :<

Anyhow, yes a face of the day, not an eyeshadow of the day this time around. Guess I managed to switch it up after all HA.

For the face I used my little Too Faced primer as I had a looong 18 hours school and work day to go, along with a bit of ELFs concealer under my eyes and around my nose, with MACs Pro Longwear foundation in NC15 and Essences face powder to finish it all off. Agh, I'm so bipolar when it comes to foundation colors. Pro Longwear in NC15 looked perfect on my skintone the first few weeks of use and now I feel its way too orange on me again... I feel like I'm forever growing paler by the day.

Now for the er, cheek area, I again used Too Faced but this time its their mini Chocolate Soliel bronzer in Medium/Deep, NYXs gorgeous blush in cinnamon, and Wet N Wilds highlighter in Rose Champagne Glow from the Fergie collection. I don't normally think that orange blush goes good with my skintone, but this eyeshadow shade seemed to really compliment it this time around.

Lastly, for eyes, lashes, and eyebrows, I used quite a mash up of brands. For my base and highlighter color, I used MACs Brule all over my lid, followed by a corally orange shade from Inglot in 366 to sweep in the crease and outer corner. As an inner corner highlight I jute used this generic palette from LA Colors I've had laying around for a few years now: its a cream color shimmery shade with small gold sparkles in it so it should be quite easy to find a duplicate for, I know many of the BH Cosmetics 120 palettes have a shade almost identical to this.

For eyeliner, I used my Essence black gel liner, then curled my lashes with Tartes lash curler and finally applied a coat of the Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced once again to finish everything off. My brows are always looking meh lately, but NYXs brow cake in black tends to help make them semi presentable at least. Definitely need to put some extra practice into making them cleaner from now on, I hate feeling like they're sliding off throughout the day and looking messy!

Sorry for the lack of creativity on this one, with summer finally here I'm gonna do my best to get some more creative stuff out! ^_^

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