May 5, 2014

How I Store Beauty Samples & Mini Collection

My entire life seems to be based around cleaning and organizing things; I'm one of those people that tends to hold onto EVERYTHING (hoarder in training right here), so I'm always hunting for bins and units to store all my junk in and at least seem semi in order haha.

One thing that I've had to deal with lately is stuffing my beauty samples somewhere, since I've recently been purchasing from Sephora and Ulta a ton more these past few months and have begun sort of swimming in all the samples I get from them heh. Not to mention, my mom is an Avon Representative so I'm usually sneaking through her stash as well... why are samples so addicting to accumulate?!

After trying things from trays and soap dishes to just hiding them in the bottom of my makeup drawers, I decided to invest in this crazy awesome Beavis & Butthead lunchbox from the Tin Box Company! I bought it 2 or 3 months ago while I was in Five Below and couldn't resist the $5 price tag. It took me a while to actually find use for it but I think its quite nice for holding my samples :) I just have it sitting on my makeup desk next to my vanity mirror, so not only is everything neat and tidy inside its own little box, but it also sets as a reminder to actually reach for my samples more often and get some use out of them.

Let me know how you store your samples, or if this post was helpful in sparking a few ideas on how you can unclutter your own collection :)


Shown Above:
Tin Box Company / Beavis & Butthead Tin

I won't list all the samples in the post since they aren't ever available for very long, but let me know if you're curious about one and want a link to the full size product!

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  1. that tin is so cute what an innovate storage method! i'd love it if youd comment back xx