May 2, 2014

Real Life FAQ: My Horse Crossbody Bag

Ta-da, I'm here again with another new set of posts for you guys, which I'm generically dubbing as my "Real Life FAQ." These posts will be all about answering anything I get questions and compliments about the most in everyday life :)

Today's Real Life FAQ will be all about my beloved horse (er...donkey?) bag! Right now I've currently been using it for college to store all my stuff in, and people seem to chuckle about how silly it is but I'm kind of known for rocking quirky stuff like this so I love it :)

I believe I originally saw this bag while browsing Storenvy one afternoon for a book bag last summer. I had been shopping around for a new bag for a while and wanted something that would actually last but still be unique and fun to add a bit of spunk to my rather lazy and uninspired college outfits heh.

I don't know about anyone else but I literally go through probably at least 3 school bags a year because the straps on mine always begin tearing and break off after just a couple of months, however as you can see his straps still don't have any sign of wear yet which is incredible! I was pretty nervous the material would feel really cheap when I bought it but everything feels really authentic on him; my only complaint at all would be the fact that I originally saw this for $24.99 on the Choies website and the next day it was at $52.99 (which unfortunately is the price now as well,) but customer service was great about it and gave me a coupon to make up for the price change so that was quite awesome of them in my opinion.

Overall, I absolutely love this bag and I'm super stoked about how high quality the materials used on him are, and how long they have been holding up. With the school year coming to an end, it might be a bit harder to find a practical use for a bag like this, but even just adding it to your collection of clothes and accessories could be a really fun addition to any closet! :)

Shown above:
Choies / Horse Crossbody Bag


  1. Love it :)

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  2. How cute! It reminds me of a cat bag I had when I was younger.