May 22, 2014

Nail Day: Barbie Dreamhouse

 So something totally insane happened last week... my entire bedroom flooded! I guess that's a really, really crappy downside to having a bedroom in the basement huh. Luckily it wasn't major and the water only came up to about ankle length, but since I have so many wood furnishings in my room I temporarily had to move into my sisters bedroom in the attic while my super thick shaggy carpet was drying... or so we thought. 3 days after the flood my carpet was still suuuper soaked, so we had to make the decision on whether or not to keep waiting for it to dry and possibly ruin the walls or rip it out and call it a day, so as you can imagine my room will now be carpet free :< Its been a long week and the process has been lengthy, but I'm hoping to be back down there in the next week or so, sigh, I miss my "me" space already.

On the upside, I did my nails yesterday for the first time in ages and thought it would be appropriate to post on here seeing as I haven't bought much else to write about heh.

 Red Carpet, Perky Pink, Pink Lady, Flatline Matte Top Coat

I was feeling a bit spunky so I went with this super cute bubble gum barbie color with some silver glitter on top and a sparkly red accent nail. I don't know how I really feel about this whole accent nail trend though... it never really seems to work on me, maybe I'm just doing it wrong haha.

The pink base coat is from Covergirls Glosstini nail varnish line in the color Pink Lady, which I received for free when I bought a little face brush from Olay a while back at Target. I have to admit, I've never been a huge Covergirl fan as I don't think their product
s are all that special in terms of quality or creativity, but this was one of the best nail polish formulas I've tried. Though I did need 2 coats for a semi-opaque finish, the texture was super smooth and creamy making it incredibly easy to apply. I found that it was really easy to clean up around the edges as well which is a huge bonus for me, as most polishes get that sticky clumpy mess around the edges of the nail making it a huge hassle to remove.

For the glitter overtop and shimmery red accent nail, I stole a few shades from my mom that she purchased on our Ulta trip a few weeks back, both from Sally Hansens Xtreme Wear collection. The silver glitter over Pink Lady is in the color Perky Pink, while the shimmery red is ever so rightfully named Red Carpet. This is another varnish collection I'm totally in love with, since its crazy inexpensive with such a great range of shades (not to mention basically everywhere carries this line).

Lastly, I used my usual top coat in OCC's Flatline which is their matte topcoat. I know I know, I always use it at the wrong time with the wrong polish finishes... I just love the smoothness it gives, even if it doesn't always work quite well at making them "matte".

Let me know some of your favorite polish colors to wear, as I'm in major need of some variety in my life ^_^

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