May 26, 2014

Mini Haul: Romwe

ZOMG could it be a fashion related post again?

Ah yes, it could. I've been really, really bad with purchasing clothes lately, mostly because its getting warm out again and I really dislike all warm weather clothing. Short sleeves and shorts are really so bleh to me, I much prefer my hoodies and 200 layers during winter so my outfits seem at least half interesting.

Nonetheless, Romwe was having this incredible sale a few weeks ago where a bunch of their items went on sale for $9.99, and I saw a bunch of pieces from there that I had been eyeballing for ages so I figured why not pick up a few things.

The two I immediately added to my cart were of course, the Gremlins pullover sweater and black velvet leggings (told ya I hate summer clothes). As for a last little addition, I added this cute little blue velvet dress that I can actually get some use out of this season; its definitely not something I would normally ever wear, but I really liked the whole medieval vibe it gave off, since I'm kind of a huuuuge nerd for medieval games.

I did a (lousy) outfit of the day post in the Gremlins pullover and velvet leggings that I'll be putting up soon; definitely not the most weather friendly outfit of the moment but I wanted to get something up for you guys :) I've been in a beauty buying rut lately so clothing posts may be a-plenty again, as I'll be buying some new stuff for the changing seasons here in Ohio.

Also, is it just me, or are outfit/clothing photos the absolute worst to take? Forget how difficult posing alone is, but I can't make them look neat or decent at all, agh. I guess thats what bloggings all about though right, practice practice practice.

The sales over now, but I'll go ahead and link everything below in case you're interested! ^_^

Shown above:
Romwe / Gremlins Pullover Sweater {Sold Out}
Romwe / Black Velvet Leggings
Romwe / Off The Shoulder Blue Velvet Dress {Sold Out}

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