May 29, 2014

OOTD: We're Here

Okay, its definitely waaay to hot for this outfit in my neck of the woods here in Ohio (or anywhere in America in general, really) but since I'm super anti-shorts this is a pretty standard running around outfit for me on the more 60-70 degree days! Yeah, I'm sort of crazy.

Nothing too special going on with this one... just your standard casual outfit with an interesting print on top and some random oxfords to throw everything off like I normally do. I really need to invest in a cute little collection of bags and shoes... and get back into jewelry like I was in my middle school years. One of these days I tell ya, I will become the fashionista I've always wanted haha!

This jumper is sold out now but I really hope it comes back for you all to check out: the print is slightly blurred in person but for the $10 I paid I'm really impressed, and super excited to be living in it all winter again like the rest of my jumpers.

And really, I don't even need to bring up these velvet leggings... Romwe is always the bomb when it comes to any and all affordable legging pieces, printed or not, and these don't disappoint. Super comfy to wear and the whole piece feels really well made, I really have yet to find anything bad to say about their clothes thus far in general to be honest. Probably why this is already my third time buying from them too, haha :<

Shown above:
Romwe / Black Velvet Leggings
Romwe / Gremlins Sweatshirt
Sam & Libby / Black Oxfords

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