June 18, 2014

Color Change: Ion Color Brilliance Permanent & Brights

I know I know, I need to decide on a hair color already right? Meh, I'm sort of working on it, its just too fun to change it up all the time (and I get waaay too bored with the same thing all the time).

This time around I had to touch up my black again after two long months of letting it fade out as usual, and wanted to change up my bangs as well. I've been putting red in them for a while now and I'm kinda getting burned out by the whole "fade to pink in 3 days" thing, so this time around I wanted to go with something much darker and hopefully, a bit more lasting.

In this case, I went with my usual jet black shade for my hair from Ion's Color Brilliance Permanent Liquid line in the color 1V Jet Black, and a mix of Sky Blue and Red from their Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent range for my bangs. I really love Ions colors because you seem to get a ton of product for the price you pay as far as the wacky colors go, and the color pay off for each range is really awesome and professional in my opinion. Not to mention, these tubes that the Brights colors come in definitely are much more hassle free than the Manic Panic tubs, which always make my bathroom a rainbow mess after I've used them.


As you can see, I started out with this baby pink puke color for my bangs and a pretty uneven mess of golden brown for the rest of my hair... I didn't realize it was actually that badly faded until these pictures either haha, thanks camera!

My hair also is quite a damaged mess right now as well... but you'll hear more about that in my upcoming Ulta Haul soon ;)

Anyways, for the Brights colors, you actually don't need to mix them with a developer at all so they're pretty simple to use (you do however, need a developer for the permanent liquid colors). Here, I've just mixed a bit of Sky Blue and Red in the same little hair dye bowl, adding a bit more of blue than red since my hair already has a red/pink tone to it. Ion does sell a purple color in the Brights line however though, so if you want a purple shade I would actually recommend trying that if you like the shade of it! I just went this mixing route since I already had Red at home and thought it would be more fun to mix them up and get different shades whenever I want.

I eventually ended up adding a bit more blue and a few pumps of conditioner which gave me the color you see above.... it is almost black though which I did on purpose as I thought it would take longer to fade and go through more stages of purple that way, but if you're looking for a true purple or want something much lighter, just keep adding conditioner to your bowl until you like what you see :)


Annnnd here's the finished result! Okay, I guess I did go a bit too dark with the purple as its barely noticeable here, but it will fade out soon. And because of my erm, not so great haircut recently, a lot of my black hair now falls where my bangs are and looks a bit silly so this seems to disguise that a bit more which is nice.

This black color is also one of my favorites too... it gets my hair insanely dark and lasts for a pretty decent amount of time on me, despite my hair being so damaged and washing it so often. This color does need to be mixed with a developer though as I mentioned earlier, so don't forget to pick one up if you go with a line like Ion or any other professional range at Sallys. The workers there are usually pretty knowledgeable where I go so just ask them to help you out with the process if you've never tried anything beyond a box dye before :)

Shown above:
Ion / Color Brilliance Permanent Liquid Hair Color in 1V Jet Black
Ion / Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue
Ion / Color Brilliance Brights in Red


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