June 20, 2014

Ulta Haul: Hair & Skincare

Its really no surprise that I tend to neglect my hair kind of a loooot. I'm crazy about keeping up with my skin and makeup regime, but when it comes to my hair, it tends to take quite a beating from everything I do to it including blowdryers and straighteners to bleach and hair dye without me ever giving any real thought to mending all the damage. Though I do use a few different products after my shower to combat all the crazy stuff I do to it, they tend to be products I've found laying around my moms stash that she no longer uses, and truthfully don't know how to actually use them to their fullest effect.

That's when I finally took to Youtube: I looked up a couple videos from some of my most trusted Youtubers about their favorite hair care products and what they recommend for different hair needs, with mine being some major damage repair and an overall healthier look to my locks.

After a few videos, I compiled a small list of all the products I wanted to begin using in my first real hair care routine without overdoing it, including a deep conditioning mask for repair and shine, some version of argan oil to add moisture and repair as well as heat protection, and a dry shampoo for those in-between shower days and a bit of extra volume and texture when I need it.

I decided to go with the mother of all blog worthy dry shampoos, being the ever so loved Batiste line. I really wanted to try out the Paisley scent, but instead went with "Wild" and "Cherry" after rave reviews of Wild and not hearing anything at all about Cherry. Wild is quite a bold smell for me, it reminds me a lot of a perfume you would throw on when going out late or clubbing with some friends haha. Its definitely not bad but I much prefer the softer scent that Cherry has, its much more girly and light which fits my life a bit better.

For my version of argan oil, I decided to go with a brand I've seen at Target that I've always been intrigued by which is Not Your Mothers, with their Lock Luster Argan Oil Treatment. The reviews seemed fair enough and the price was awesome for something that I always see costing a fortune from other brands so I was pretty happy to find it on Ultas site. The size of the bottle is super big for being an oil too & it smells amaaazing. Then for the deep conditioning mask I went with a brand I've always had good experiences with which is Wella's Brilliance Treatment for Fine/Normal Colored Hair, which seemed to describe my hair type quite perfectly. I thought it was more for damage repair but the container only talks about boosting color vibrancy so I'm crossing my fingers it still repairs my hair a bit.

....OH, and I also bought this awesome skincare sampler set from Benefit that I've been absolutely dying to try out. These bottles don't have as cute of packaging as the full size products, but they're still kind of gorgeous! I'll always love my Purity face cleanser but I'm slowly starting to learn that I don't have to be super loyal to one product at a time, its fun to try out different stuff aanyways right ;) I love that this literally comes with everything you need for a full face routine, including both an eye cream and face polish that I'm  definitely excited to add to my regime.

& as always the not so exciting Ulta samples... this is another bunch I probably won't get much use out of, but hey, you can't argue when they're free right?

I've been feeling under the weather lately due to my GERD so thats the reason for my lack of posts lately :( I seem to always be sick with something haha, this has been a crazy last month for me. If you haven't realized yet though, I made a new search tab for my blog including a tooon of different searchable categories so their will be many, many more product reviews and "one collection" type posts to come! Hauls have begun to be a drag as they appear way too often on here so I'll try to start working on those individual product posts this summer, until then thanks for sticking around as always and reading about my ever so boring life heh :)

Shown Above:
Batiste / "Wild" Dry Shampoo
Batiste / "Cherry" Dry Shampoo
Wella / Brilliance Treatment For Fine/Normal Colored Hair
Not Your Mothers / Lock Luster Argan Oil Treatment
Benefit / B.Right Radiant Skincare 6 Pc. Intro Kit

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