June 25, 2014

First Impression: Benefit's Radiant Skincare

b.right Radiant Skincare by Benefit

The minute I saw that Benefit started a skincare line while I was in Ulta a while back I instantly fell in love: the packaging was sooo cute and I love how many different products are in the line for so many different needs!

Because of all the products though, I couldn't decide on what I should buy so I held off until I did a bit of research on each one. Lucky for me and my super procrastinating ways though, I ended up finding out that they came out with this little sampler set of the main products from the collection so I had to buy it!

This set includes 6 mini samples from their skincare collection, including a face cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, toning lotion, eye cream, face cream, and an SPF face lotion.

The sizes are quite small but seem like they'll last a decent amount of time for the face lotions and eye cream. Both of the cleansers were only about half full though which was quite disappointing. I think I'll only get 7-10 max uses from each if I'm generous enough with using as little as possible :(

The set also comes with this cute little clear bag which I thought was super convenient for keeping all the products together! I love that its see-through and its perfect to store all the products in for easy, everyday use. I keep all the products in the clear bag next to my sink and the SPF face lotion on my desk to use in the morning before my makeup.

Product Reviews:

My Skin Type: Combination Skin

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash (Face Cleanser) - I really love using this cleanser in the morning because of how thick it is. It quickly works into a rich lather and instantly makes my skin feel really awake and refreshed, however, it seems to work best for me on clean, natural skin. With taking off makeup, I personally find thick cleansers to be a bit much and make me feel dirtier than before. Using a thick product to take off even thicker makeup is not my cup of tea, which is why I love my Purity by Philosophy cleanser so much. Though this isn't a bad product by any means, I think I'll be sticking to my Purity for now as it seems to work better for both makeup and non-makeup days, being a bit more convenient for my life.

Refined Finish Facial Polish (Exfoliating Cleanser) - This face polish was probably my least favorite of the bunch, being because it didn't seem to have much effect on my skin. This cleanser has a very fine grain in it that doesn't feel very exfoliating, nor that its polishing my skin in any way. However, this could be a perfect exfoliator for those of you with extremely sensitive skin, since it is very gentle. This product in general just seemed unnecessary to me, and I much prefer to use my Sephora exfoliating brush instead.

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (Toner) - Probably one of my favorites from the entire collection! This toner is totally different from any other toner I've used before: rather than having a watery liquid texture, this toners texture is much more goopy, much like a mix between being a water and a lotion in one (hence the name toning lotion I suppose haha). Though you can use your hands to apply it, I find that using a cotton pad makes it feel much more hygienic and applied evenly. This product definitely seems to prep my skin before applying my face lotion and leaves it feeling super clean and soft.

Triple Performing Facial Emulsion SPF 15 (SPF Face Lotion) - Benefit must be a master at making lotions, because I seemed to be obsessed with all the ones from this set! And I found this one perfect for applying in the mornings due to its SPF 15. I also found it to be perfect for using before applying makeup, as it instantly hydrates my entire face and makes my makeup go on so much smoother with much more ease. Between using this and my Too Faced primer each morning now, I find my makeup easily lasting throughout the entire day with much less oil build up in my T-zone than before.

Total Moisture Facial Cream (Face Cream) - Again, an awesome face cream from Benefit. While this is a very thick cream, I don't have any problems with it being too oily or breaking me out. I love applying this right before bed and it honestly makes my skin look so dewy and healthy, like I just dabbed a load of highlighter on my cheekbones before laying down! My skin feels so pretty now and I really think this product alone is to thank for most of it. I think if you're going to splurge on a high-end lotion, you should really try out this one first.

Its Potent! Eye Cream (Eye Cream) - A product I thought I would never need in my regime, and now I'm kinda finding it hard to live without. I always thought eye creams were for those who had really mature, aging skin but now I feel completely dumb for ever thinking it! After wearing eye makeup so often for a long period of time, my eyes slowly start getting really angry and dry but this totally renews the look of them in every way. It really wakes up my entire appearance and I even like it as a tiny eye makeup remover for after the shower to gently get off any smudged mascara left behind along my waterline. This product is super gentle on me and even gives a slight warming sensation the first few uses that really indicate its working some magic. I'm really glad I gave this a real shot because now I don't think I could ever go back to my eye creamless days.

Overall impression:
The first thing I noticed about this line is that all the products are very thick and moisturizing, as well as gentle, which will be absolutely perfect for those with dry or really sensitive skin. Even with combination skin though, I find this line to still really work for me and not be too oily or make me break out. However, those with extremely oily skin may find all the products to be a bit too much for them, especially both of the face lotions. The entire range has the same clean fresh smell, that is a bit stronger in the lotion based products but isn't too overwhelming for my taste. I find that everything works really well together as well as bits and pieces of this line with other brands so I really enjoy that you don't need to use every single product from the line to see the benefits of each. Overall, my skin has felt more hydrated and dewy than ever since using these products and I'm really looking forward to picking up the full-sizes of a few!

Products I would repurchase in full size - Moisture Prep Toning Lotion, Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, Total Moisture Facial Cream, and Its Potent! Eye Cream.

Favorite Product ~ Moisture Prep Toning Lotion & Total Moisture Face Cream (okay all the lotions and creams jeez)
Least Favorite Product ~ Refined Finish Facial Polish

I'll link this intro set down below from Ulta, but click here for Benefits website so you can check out the full-sized products and what they claim for each!

Shown Above:
Benefit / B.right! Radiant Skincare 6 Pc Intro Kit

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