July 30, 2014

Birthday Haul Part 1: Sephora

Hello again :) As some of you may know, this past Saturday on the 26th I turned 20! And of course along with birthdays come gifts... at least gifts to myself haha.

I haven't had a party in years, but this year we had a fun girls day out with myself, my sister, my mom, and my aunt. I usually don't expect much from my birthday since my parents have been having a hard time financially lately, so I decided to take a little sum of money out of my savings to treat myself to, and my aunt was nice enough to gift me $50 as well :)

I knew right away I wanted to do most of my spending on stuff for my room, and of course, makeup. I always only go for the little value sets from Sephora and really wanted to finally start investing in some full sized products, so here is my first super mini haul of the $150 I had to spend on myself this year :) And the best part of this haul is... I only had to spend $12 of my own money on this order! But more on that at the end of this post.

For starters, I got my free birthday gift of the year: originally, its supposed to be a mini mascara and lipstick duo from Makeup Forever, but when checking out I saw an option for the Jack Black Turbo Wash instead so I decided to switch to that seeing as the lipstick color wasn't something I would usually wear and I thought the mascara would dry up fast. Stupid me though, I didn't realize the Jack Black line was for men haha! Luckily my boyfriend offered to try it out though, so at least I still get the pleasure of smelling it on him.
I'm also really impressed with the size of this bottle for being free!

Next, I got another chapstick tin from Tokyomilk that I've been adoring lately. The scent I currently own is quite strong and musky (La Vie En Rose), so this time I decided to go with the salted caramel one to try out a lighter scent. I actually really enjoy this one too, it has a nice, warm caramel smell without being too overpowering or smelling like pure sugar.
I found out they don't actually sell these in my location until the holidays though, so if you can't find them at your store either, check online :)

Annnnd the star of the show... my first full size high end blush from Clinique's Cheek Pop range in the shade ginger pop. I orignially had no intentions of getting this blush when I was browsing the site but I wanted to try something out of the box for me, and its the only blush I've heard incredible reviews about that isn't $30+ at Sephora. Just from swatching it I'm absolutely in love with the texture and color, so maybe I'll be dabbling a bit more into Clinique's products in the near future.

They had some pretty decent weekly specials going on as well, but I actually ended up just using the promo code COSMO to get 2 years free of Cosmopolitan instead of the other offers. I figured I'd get more use out of it then a mini tube of lipstick or a little trial size of face wash, so I'm really excited to finally be subscribed to a magazine again and be a bit more up to date in the beauty world ;) The magazine didn't actually come with my order though so I probably have to wait until the new issue in August... at least I hope lol.

OH, and how did I get this all for $12? Well, before you laugh at me, I actually used a $25 giftcard I got from the website Swagbucks. Its one of those standard sites that you do surveys, watch videos, etc for and earn points overtime that you can use on giftcards, but I find that stuff to be a complete waste of time to be frank. Instead, I use their "Shop" tab. Here, you can shop from the range of stores listed (which is actually alot, including Amazon and Sephora), and they'll pay you usually between 1-6 swagbucks for every dollar you spend on that site.
It probably sounds super far fetched, but you only need 2,500 points for a $25 giftcard, so if Sephora is offering 5 swagbucks for every dollar spent and you spend $100 dollars on their site, thats already 500 points / $5 to use. It definitely takes time, but if you use it whenever you plan to shop online anyways, it adds up! If you're interested, I'll post a link to the site under the product list.

I'll be back again soon with many more birthday hauls to come :D Recommend me more makeup products below in the comments that I should pick up with the rest of my money if you have any ideas, I'm stumped at the moment!

Shown Above:
Jack Black / Performance Remedy Turbo Wash
Clinique / Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop
Toykomilk / Lip Elixir in Salted Caramel No. 36

Swagbucks / Click Here To Sign Up!

Samples Include: Dermadoctor KP Duty, Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance, and Fresh Fresh Life

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