July 21, 2014

Simple Styling: Pinned Up Side

You guys probably already know that when it comes to beauty, styling hair is the one thing that I have absolutely no idea how to do anything with. I can barely even put my hair in a pony tail without having to fiddle with it for an hour just to make it look halfway decent (literally!), and then end up taking it out at the last second and walking out of the house doing the same old, straightened flat hair routine I always do.

So, me doing a styling post is almost a joke, but I think this look is super cute to try out for those of you with side swept bangs or multi-colored hair that just adds a bit of flirty and feminine flair to any outfit. It could even grunge up a pretty sweet 90's outfit if you execute it right, the possibilities with this look are honestly endless!

Luckily, this doesn't involve a 15 step tutorial thats impossible to follow and only works on girls with tons of thick hair on their head already. 

Literally all you have to do is grab a little section of hair on either side of your head (I use my "bald side" as I call it: the side thats much thinner than the other side and on the much smaller section of  where my part lies), then pin it right above your ear and tada, a little sassy look to pair with a variety of outfits!
 I especially love this with my plugs and its originally why I started doing it in the first place in order to show them off, now I can't wait to get to my goal size and show off all the cute little plugs I'll be wearing ;)

Let me know if you like this look, and if you'll try it out!

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