August 9, 2014

Birthday Haul 2: First MAC Lipstick

Awwwh yeah I'm finally coming up in the world, I officially own my first MAC (& high end) lipstick!

I clearly don't wear lipstick very often at all, so I thought to get my foot into the door of wearing some fun shades again, I would start small and go with a pretty average, everyday nude shade. In this case, I decided to go with Fleshpot. It seems like a great go to shade for the makeup looks I usually wear on a day to day basis and just by the swatch I can tell its going to be super comfortable and creamy to wear.

I actually expected this to be much lighter too as people were comparing it to the "concealer lips" look, but I don't find it to be that obnoxious at all from looking at it in the tube, and overall I think this will be a match made in heaven with my light skintone, but only time can tell!

MAC lipsticks range for about $16 and are at quite the lower price range for a high end brand, so if you're like me and still a noob when it comes to lipstick, these will probably be a perfect starting point :) 
I got samples with my order because I ordered from Nordstrom instead of the MAC site... thanks to Gingers, Cats, & Queens for the tip!

Shown Above:

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