August 6, 2014

Hidden Treasures: Lady Locks Creations

I always see the same products and brands being talked about in the blogger and Youtube world while smaller companies seem to get picked over a bit and go unnoticed, so I thought I would start posting more about things I'm completely obsessed with that many people seem to not know about :)

This post is somewhat of a throwback since I bought these pieces nearly 2 years ago but they're still in awesome shape for how delicate they are. They are two necklaces made from completely cruelty free animal remains that I bought from an Etsy shop called Lady Locks Creations, including a rattlesnake vertebrae and a slice of deer antler.

I truly hope no one is offended by either of these pieces, because I think they are both incredibly beautiful and unique. The shop owner Annie really puts so much detail into each and every piece and I totally trust her work in every way, knowing that I will always be receiving a piece that came from a naturally deceased animal that was handled with the up-most respect and care.

What I love about Lady Locks Creations is that every single item is unique and different in its own way and that you'll own a product that no one else has. However, it can have its drawbacks too haha. I can't even count how many times I've "favorited" a product on her page to wait for payday then come back to see its already sold.

As mentioned before, my pieces include a Rattlesnake Vertebrae necklace ($8), and a Deer Antler Slice necklace with a beaded chain ($10). For the quality and delicate work needed for each piece, I'm completely astounded by the prices. 

Not only are the animal remains incredibly preserved and secured on both pieces, but even the chains are extremely nice quality and both have held up great these last two years. These aren't pieces you buy for 10 bucks at Walmart that break after 2 weeks... these are truly made from great materials at a somehow great price. 

Both of my necklaces are ones she does quite regularly therefore you can probably find one pretty similar if you're interested overtime. She also does some beautiful higher end pieces in the $40+ range including octopus tentacles and coyote teeth... I vow to one day own one of those soon! So beautiful but so far out of my budget right now haha.

I currently have another post liked this lined up about another Etsy shop, so hopefully you enjoy these kinds of posts more often :)

Shown Above:

Deer Antler Slice Necklace / {None similar at the moment :( }

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