August 21, 2014

Brow Trend: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Nearly everyday I see a post in my Facebook newsfeed about people calling out those who fill in their eyebrows saying how ridiculous it looks, so I thought I would make an entire post on the importance of filling in brows!

I know eyebrows have already become a huge trend so most of us familiar with the beauty world already know how important defined brows are, but this might be useful for those of you just starting out with makeup or even if you're just looking out for a new brow product to try.

For my eyebrows I've starting using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown and ohhh god... this stuff is magic. Not only is it really creamy and pigmented to apply but its also waterproof so you don't need to worry about faded eyebrows 2 hours after applying your makeup. Despite being such a different texture then what I'm used to using on my brows, its hands down the simplest to apply and create a range of different shapes with. For $18, I honestly think this product is almost a steal considering how little you use compared to how much you get, and that its from such a reputable brand!

For the brush, I just use Essence's Precise Eyeliner Brush which is super affordable and thin so it helps get really even, clean lines.

I find that Medium Brown is peeeerfect for me. Its still quite dark and bold which I love, but its also super easy to tone down which is great for getting really smooth gradients when I want a more natural look. It's also quite a neutral tone so it goes well with anyones skintone and most hair colors.

A little about my eyebrows:
My eyebrows tend to be really scruffy and messy looking no matter what I do, so filling them in is a must for me. Not only are they also quite light for my current hair color, but they also grow in very strange so I pluck what I can out and shave off the ends. I find that shaving off the ends works best for myself because it allows me to get a thin clean tail end when I fill them in without a bunch of hairs poking out in different directions and ruining the look.

You'll also be able to tell that my eyebrows are super uneven in shape so shading them in helps a ton with evening them out as well. When it comes to your brows, you really just need to pin point your problem areas and address them accordingly.

Such a thick, creamy product might be a scary idea at first to use on your brows, but I promise that you'll love this product once you get the hang of it, it really does beat out any pencil or powder by miles and I can totally understand the Anastasia obsession lately in the beauty world :) I find that it holds down the hairs great too, so I don't even need to set them with a brow gel overtop.

Not only do eyebrows frame your face tremendously, but I find they make me look much older and overall just... more normal haha. Bold brows might not be for everyone, but it doesn't hurt to add a bit of color and definition to them once in a while :)

Let me know what other Anastasia products you enjoy, as I'm always on the hunt for trying new things.

Shown Above:
Anastasia / Dipbrow Pomade In Medium Brown
Essence / Precise Eyeliner Brush

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