August 19, 2014

Organization / Daily Makeup Storage

Finally onto the last of my birthday hauls, here's my brand new storage set up in my bathroom for makeup I use most frequently on a daily basis :)

This isn't my entire makeup collection by any means, but I love having separate storage areas for my hoard of makeup and products I use everyday so that I don't have to constantly sift through a bunch of things all the time.

I searched and searched for some affordable acrylic drawers for my set-up that didn't look like complete junk but it was quite difficult through all the $100-$300 Clear Cube look-alikes and everything else in between. Eventually though, I ended up deciding between these or the Muji drawers and after comparing the price points I would need to spend on each site, I went with this Interdesign trio off of Amazon.

At first I wasn't sure I would be thrilled with these 3 drawer organizers from Amazon, as a few Youtube videos had said they don't seem very high quality. I honestly couldn't disagree more with that though! I feel like each drawer feels very well made with sturdy, thick acrylic, and they arrived with both in perfect shape. The only problem I orginally had was with one or two of the drawers making a horrid squeaky sound when being pulled out, but now that they're filled with products and have gotten some wear, I no longer have any problems with it. Overall I just really love the look of them together :)

 Then for the top piece I kind of went on a random whim when I had to spend ten more bucks for free shipping and saw this as a recommended listing with some other Interdesign stuff. I figured why not find a use for it and pick it up too so I did! I'm so glad I decided to: its great to store foundations upright so the foundation on the pumps or lid doesn't spread all over the clear drawers, and its great for some other bits and bobs too like storing current skincare samples in the pull out drawer, mascaras in the small compartments on the right, and an eyelash curler in the long slot. It really is super convienent for just about anything and they come in a bunch of other compartment layouts in case you want to get a few for different uses.

All three of the organizers are from the brand Interdesign and I purchased them through Amazon :) These are the clear drawers, but they come in quite a few more colors now too if you're interested.

If you'd like to see a "Daily Makeup Collection" with a more detailed post on all of the products currently in my storage, let me know below :)

Shown Above:
Interdesign / 3 Drawer Acrylic Organizer
Interdesign / 12 Inch Drawer Caddy

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