August 27, 2014

C.O. Bigelow / Lip Treatments

Of all the amazing things at Bath & Body Works, I think one of the easiest things to overlook is some of the lip care they offer, including a huge selection from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries. They are a cruelty free brand that carry a ton of products, ranging from chapsticks and lip shines to lotion and hand soaps.

Currently, I have one of a each from a few of the lip selections in their line, including a lip shine, lip treatment, lip tint, and a multipurpose salve. I love their lip products so much because though they are a bit on the pricey side, every single one of them is super hydrating and easily lasts me at least 2 or 3 hours until I have to reapply more. Plus come on... the packaging looks so nice.

Vanillamint Supreme 2X has quite an interesting use that I never saw before, claiming that it not only moisturizes lips, but also freshens your breath?! I don't know how well that aspect is working for me personally, but the vanillamint scent is exactly what I would imagine fresh breath smells like, so perhaps it does mask a stenchy mouth after all. In any case, this was the first product I ever bought from the line and it totally changed my view on chapsticks packaged like this with a creamier texture without the mess.

I love the light pink Pearl Mint Shimmer Tint on days I'm wearing a nude lipstick and want a touch of glittery sheen and moisture overtop. It applys like a gloss but feels like a chapstick, with a creamier texture that glides right on.

My Favorite Night Balm is great for - you guessed it - nighttime. I definitely don't think it lives up to its 8 hour claim, as I find it lasts 2-3 hours like the other versions, but I still really like the thicker application of this one when my lips are unusually dry or I won't have a chapstick on me all day like at work. I usually will use it at nighttime around when I'm ready to sleep and when I wake up, since thats when my lips seem to be at their driest.

Rose Salve is the newest to my collection and also, one of my favorites so far. This has quite a few uses though since its a salve and can be used pretty much anywhere that needs moisturizing, including the elbows, lips, and cuticles. I was a bit worried that the bright coral color of it would come off really bright on the lips but its actually completely invisible, so don't worry about staining the areas you decide to apply it. This smells incredible too so if you're interested in delving into any C.O. Bigelow products but aren't sure where to start, I would go with this one first.

My mom is the one who always picks these up for me while shes at work but I hope next time I'm in stores I can check out the rest of the line because everything sounds so pleasant, I need it all! I think next I'll be eyeballing some of the Lip Balm Sticks and Body Creams :)

*As of 8/26, Bath & Body is currently running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal on C.O. Bigelow and True Blue Spa products!*

Shown Above:
Mentha Shimmer Lip Tint / Pearl Mint
Lip Treatment / My Favorite Night Balm
All-Purpose Salve / Rose Salve
Lip Shine / Vanillamint Supreme 2X

C.O. Bigelow at Bath & Body Works

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