September 26, 2014

Dupe Day #3 // Dr. Martens Dupe

Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots in Floral // $34.99

I can't even remember how long its been since I've been lusting over getting a pair of authentic Dr. Martens boots. I've checked everywhere from their website to eBay and there's really no cheap price to pay for them. So since I'm quite frugal and don't make a ton of money as it is, I figured why not settle on some dupes for now as I see them all the time, and wait for the real stuff in a few years. 

And so I did, scouting the internet for any dupes I could find for the brand. Quite a few places carry them for pretty cheap, but none looked very well made until Target, the place I work, got in their winter stuff including a bunch of Doc knock-offs. 

The dupes from Target are the Mossimo Supply Co. Regina Boots, which come in black, burgundy, and floral. Since I saw them in person rather than over the internet, I could instantly tell the quality was much more superb for the price than what I could find online, so I decided to try them out. 

I originally wanted the all black pair, but after trying them on, I wasn't too keen on the patent like shine it gave, so I instead went with these super pretty matte floral ones. The pattern is a bit crazy and you may think they'd be hard to pair anything with, but I promise you, you'll love these on in person and change your mind.

So far I've worn them with my work clothes and even being matched with red and khaki, I find these still don't look too crazy or over the top for my taste. They really make a great statement piece and whether you're trying to dress them up or down, I think you can get away with pairing them with much more than you think.

The quality is what really makes them a dupe for me though. I've bought shoes from Target in the past and they aren't always the greatest quality, with either a really slippery sole or thin cheap fabric, but these feel really bulky and sturdy so I can easily see them lasting a least a few winters and then some. The sole on the bottom is really thick and heavy duty while the actual material of the shoe is nice and thick without being too uncomfortable or stiff. Even the laces feel really well-made... the look of them reminds me a lot of what the Jeffrey Campbell Back Offs have (which are my favorite looking shoes ever).

Overall, I've already become obsessed with how comfortable and bold these shoes are and I can tell I'll be living in them all winter long... and probably fall and spring too.

Shown Above:

Dr. Martens Dupe // 8 Eyelet 1460 Boot

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