September 29, 2014

Haul // 'The Body Shop' Firsts

 The Body Shop is a cruelty free company

A brand that everyone in the blogger world seems to know and love by now, while I'm just buying my first products from there: The Body Shop. Blogging has been so fun for me because not only do I love writing and sharing my opinions with you all, but I also have been introduced to so many new brands like them because of the blogging community.

I always stayed away from The Body Shop because I had the misconception that they had really high prices, but they actually are quite affordable! Not only that, but last week they had a 40% off sitewide sale (with some exclusions), so I thought it would be the perfect chance to round of some of their products and try out some new stuff I normally don't have in my routine.

Right off the bat I knew I wanted one of their body scrubs and to finally try out a new toner, since I'm just about out of my Neutrogena one. I went with the Mango scented body scrub since I've been really into more tropical scents lately, and their cult favorite Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner. I think this toner will be great for keeping my skin up to par all month between the other non-acne targeting products in my regime. To add to the toner, I also got their Tea Tree face mask. I'm not sure if I'll stick with both of these in my regime in the future since I've mentioned before that acne isn't a large problem in my skin anymore as I'm more conscious of redness and dullness now, but I think they're both a great place to start since the Tea Tree line is so popular.

I also meant to pick up one of their body creams I kind of forgot between all of my excitement about everything being so cheap... luckily I did manage to get a few travel size hand creams to make up for it though, including the scents Shea, Honeymania, and again, Mango. I actually meant to pick up the larger ones since these weren't actually on sale, but I still got a 2 for $10 deal with them so I can't complain.

Annnd finally, I mentioned in my empties post (I think) that though I loved the Benefit Its Potent! eye cream, I really wanted to test out some other brands so this time around I went with the Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel. I didn't realize this was more of a  'refresher' rather than something that targets specific areas like dark circles, but the price is still affordable enough to come back to if I do like it.

I haven't tried out everything yet but so far I'm super happy with my purchases from The Body Shop, and I'll definitely be on the look out for more of their sales. This week even there was a Buy 2 Get 1 or Buy 3 Get 3 free sale sitewide so if anything in this posts fancies you, go check it out on the site as the sale ends today :)

Shown Above:
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
Tea Tree Face Mask
Mango Body Scrub
Mango Hand Cream
Honeymania Hand Cream
Shea Hand Cream
Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel

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