September 20, 2014

Real Techniques: Blush Brush (Different Versions?)

Real Techniques Blush Brush // $9.00 at Kohls

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I recently discovered Kohls, the store I work right next to, carries Real Techniques brushes! I was super thrilled since I've only ever seen them online as I don't live near many beauty stores, so I figured I would stop by and pick one up to try out. 

I feel like Real Techniques is still in its "early" stages for a company so the selection isn't massive, but they do have quite a few staple brushes in the line that everyone could use. I wasn't too keen on the sets just yet as they all seem to have one or two brushes I wouldn't get use out of, so I went for a single brush to see if I like them first. This time around I bought not just one, but two of the blush brushes.

I bought two because to me, it looks like one of these might be from an older version since they both have a slight difference in handle color, and the size and shape of both seem to be noticeably different. Since I was planning to use both for different purposes anyways, I actually don't mind too much. However, if anyone knows, let me know which brush is supposed to be the newer version or if my Kohls just had a really weird shipment!

I originally was going to use one for applying my blush and one for contour, but after testing them both out, I think they might just be a bit too large for contour, so I think I'll use the slightly wider brush for setting powder instead. Besides the color and size difference, these both are exactly the same in quality. They each have the softest bristles out of all the brushes I own, and they easily feel the most well made. 

Because their bristles are so soft and fluffy, they make it incredibly easy to blend out product and get a true soft focus effect on the skin. Before, I felt like my products went on a bit patchy because of the short stiff bristles my other brushes have (ELF, Amazon Sets), so this really gives me a much cleaner finish and I'm super amazed at the quality of these vs. how affordable they are.

Next on my list? Well.. kind of all of them now haha, but I may give the eye brush set a go!

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