September 7, 2014

Sinful Colors // Glow In The Dark

Its slowly nearing my favorite time of year again; autumn, when the weather gets chillier and a holiday seems to be around every corner.

To get an early start on the holiday feels, I decided to rummage through the Halloween section at Target beginning to be set up again and picked up this sweet Sinful Colors nail polish in the shade Glow In The Dark from their Halloween collection. It was super cheap at $1.99 so I was insanely excited to get it, as I can pair it with nearly any nail color I want these next few weeks before Halloween hits.

They had at least 10 other colors in the collection so I might end up picking up a few more, because you can never have too many fall colors in your wardrobe (the glitter shades looked amaaazing as well.) 

For this time around, I wanted to pair Glow In The Dark mostly by itself to see how strong the glow is on its own, so I just paired it with a simple messy glitter french tip in ELF's Gina Girl. I did two coats of GITD followed by Gina Girl built up on the nail tips, then went over the entire nail again one more time with GITD.

Sinful Colors lasts quite a long time in my opinion for how inexpensive it. I had this polish on for about 4 days without any chipping at all and then ended up removing it for a new polish, so for how often I do my nails, it lasts plenty of time. 

As for the glow, its not nearly as strong as the picture suggests under ordinary circumstances, but if you charge it under a bright light before going into the dark the glow is much more powerful (obviously) then going from normal lighting to the dark. In the picture I had charged them under a few daylight bulbs for about 5 minutes.

Overall, I think this looks so sweet on its own and is perfect for trick or treating on Halloween or even if you're going to a rave or club at night. I've also tried it as a top coat over colored nail polish and it gives a really cool bright tint to your nails in the dark, so this polish is awesome for experimenting with basically any nail look. The only thing I haven't tried is seeing how powerful it is under a blacklight... I'll do an update soon once I find mine again!

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