September 10, 2014

Skincare Essentials // Purity Made Simple by Philosophy

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple facial cleanser | 8oz. / $23

Okay, so reviewing things like face wash and moisturizers definitely isn't nearly as easy as reviewing a makeup product: you can't show useful things like swatches for the reader to physically see, so all they basically have to go on is your word that a product is really good. Then you have different people with different skin types, different problems etc, so it really gets messy on what to put in your review! Purity Made Simple is one of the few products I've found however that feels so natural and gentle on the skin that nearly everyone will find some kind of benefit from it. Whether you're using it to remove your makeup at the end of the night or looking for a product to prevent acne, Purity should have you covered.

To start, I originally heard about Philosophy through QVC just a few months ago, when I was kind of obsessed with watching the channel all day haha. All the products really appealed to me with how simple and gentle they sounded, but the prices were enough to scare me off for a bit. At a hefty $10 for just the tiny travel sized 3 oz. bottle and up to $42 for the 42 oz, Purity definitely isn't the cheapest thing on the market. However, I went through a little "spoil" moment on the Sephora website one night and decided to treat myself for once, so I went with the middle ground and picked up the 8 oz bottle at $23 as a kind of "Ha! Take that saving money!" moment. Do I think its worth the price and hype as of yet? Well so far, I would definitely say so.

What I love most about Purity is that it doesn't feel like your ordinary cleanser. It feels fresh and light on the skin and my face feels genuinely clean after I wash it. I use it alongside my Sephora cleansing brush and not only does it do a good job of taking off my makeup, but it also leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated when I'm done. The creamy, milky texture and light, barely there scent feels very rejuvenating against my skin and its done nothing but good for my complexion. Its safe and gentle enough to use around my eyes to get off any leftover eyeliner as well, which is a big plus for me.

Following Purity, I'll usually use Neutrogenas Rapid Clear toner and Josie Marans Light Argan Oil as a moisturizer and whatever eye cream I have at hand (lately its been Benefits Its Potent! eye cream.) Philosophy says that with Purity you don't need a toner technically since it already balances the skins PH levels, but I prefer to use one once in a while just because of how much makeup I wear. This 8 oz. bottle has lasted me about 4 months so far with more than half of the bottle still left so while I was originally intimidated by the price, it really seems worth the splurge with how long it lasts.

Overall, this has become my absolute favorite cleanser I've ever tried and I couldn't imagine switching to another product anytime soon. 

As a side note, I actually had this in my upstairs bathroom a few weeks ago in our hall closet while I was sharing a room with my sister and noticed it kept being moved... I came to find out that my mom had used it one day in place of her cleanser and ended up falling in love with it! I bought her a bottle for herself now and she completely agrees with me; she'll never go back to another cleanser again after using this product. Her skin tends to be normal to dry at 38 years old while mine is normal to oily at 20, so don't be afraid to try this out with whatever your skintype may be.

I think my next Philosophy stop will be at some of their shower gels... the scents seem so exciting

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