October 15, 2014

Battle Of The Shadows | Gold

Elf Eyeshadow Pigment | Golden Goddess // $3 for .05 oz. and tiny brush (not pictured)
Coastal Scents Hot Pot | 18 Karat Gold // $1.95 for .05 oz.

Gold shadows are easily one of the most fun shades to wear; whether its in the crease, on the lid, under the lower lashline, or even as a pop of color in the corner of the eye, they can add a little fun to any look and look great on every skin tone. However, theres a ton of different shades of gold, including those that are more yellow or green and those that are more bronze, so it can be hard to find shades that suit you best. Thats why I'll be doing a comparison post on two now, which are the 18 Karat Gold hot pot shadow by Coastal Scents, and Elfs Golden Goddess eyeshadow pigment.

18 Karat Gold is an extremely yellow based gold, while Elfs Golden Goddess pigment is much more bronze. Both have a shimmery sheen as well, and go on smoothly and pigmented. They're also both super affordable, with Golden Goddess at $3 from Elfs studio line and 18 Karat Gold at $1.95. Golden Goddess comes included with a sifter and tiny eyeshadow brush (not pictured here), while 18 Karat Gold comes alone but Coastal Scents offers a variety of palettes to choose from sold separately to place the shadow in.

Because Golden Goddess is a loose pigment, it makes it much more messy to use (it does come with a sifter as stated above, but I took it out because it didn't let very much shadow out at a time.) However, it is a much more wearable gold in my opinion, especially for those who are a bit paler like me. The brown undertones in the shadow make it more of a neutral color, and is a much better addition to my everyday eye looks. Its also perfect for Fall of course, so I love pairing it with some burgundy shadows or a dark lip.

18 Karat Gold on the other hand is a pressed shadow, making it much easier to work with and a bit more convenient for everyday. This shadow has such strong yellow undertones though that I find it hard to work with on my skin tone, and I think would look better on much deeper skin. For me, this would work best as a more summery look with some oranges and reds, rather than browns and neutrals like I usually wear.

Verdict: For an everyday gold shade, I think Elfs Golden Goddess takes the cake this time. Its more neutral, bronze tone works much better with a variety of skintones and eyecolors, making it a shadow that more people can get a ton of use out of in their everyday eye looks. Its a bit harder to work with since its a pigment, but its affordable price tag makes it an easy buy to give a try. It comes with a load of product for just $3, and would look good for any occasion that calls for a dose of gold.

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