October 20, 2014

Falling For Vanilla | Go-To Fall Fragrances

While trying to brainstorm some new post ideas as I wait for a bunch of products I ordered to show up in the mail, I noticed an unusual trend occurring... this past month or so I've literally been using the exact same four fragrances. Any other time, I try to change up my scents as much as possible as I get super bored of them quite easily, but I've been really into warm, vanilla type scents this month so I thought I would share with you some of my favorites.

I'm by no means a fragrance snob (as of yet at least... all these Sephora samples might persuade me otherwise), so all 4 of these options are quite affordable for anyone to try out. I'm not one who wears $90+ bottles of perfume as I think there are other options out there that are just as nice smelling and long-lasting so why bother paying such an outrageous price unless its a scent you can't live without.

My favorite fragrance of this bunch in particular is easily Avon's Far Away perfume... oh my god, this has to be one of my favorite scents ever. Its really hard to explain, but its a super pretty warm scent with a little bit of everything. It has quite an obvious amber scent, with a touch of vanilla and a few floral notes mixed in. I find that it lasts around 3-4 hours on me and I've already gotten a ton of compliments on it despite discovering it this month. Its pretty much a cult favorite from Avon, and now I can see why.

Cashmere Glow, Naturals Vanilla, Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Far Away

Other scents in the bunch include a basic Vanilla Scented Body Spray from Avon's Naturals line that I'll usually throw on if I'm a bit moody or tired as its super basic and simple that won't irritate my senses, Bath And Body's new Wild Madagascar Vanilla in this itty bitty baby bottle that I like to mix into my routine, and another spray by Bath And Body in Cashmere Glow which is actually a diamond shimmer mist. The difference with this spray is that its a bit thicker than a normal body spray and has a ton of small little glitter flecks throughout it, making you literally 'glow' when you apply it. I'm actually not a huge fan of this version of it as I find it sprays out a bit too thick and the glitter is a bit too much, but the scent is still really pretty and I like wearing it more during nights out since its a bit heavier and muskier than the rest of the scents.

I can't even remember the last time I used up a fragrance as I have so many in my collection now, but I can definitely see myself making quite a dent in these bottles before the season is over. 
What are some of your favorite Fall scents, or do you have a go-to perfume you always stick with?

Shown Above:
Avon // (Silky?) Vanilla Body Spray (this packaging is different so I'm not sure if its the same formula or not as well!)

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