October 22, 2014

Special Effects Makeup Haul | Ben Nye

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us and that means I've become obsessed with gorey youtube makeup tutorials again (Glam&Gore has been my favorite so far). I really love the whole special effects side of makeup, and have been wanting to learn the basics of it for years, so I went ahead and ordered a bunch of staple products to get me going from Ben Nye.

My main priority was getting some liquid latex since you can use it for so many different things in special effects makeup, but I also went with some cool other additions including white creme makeup, thick blood, black tooth enamel, and a neutral setting powder that I'll probably end up stealing for my everyday makeup as well haha.

I've always only bought creme makeup from cheap drugstores in those Halloween palettes because I didn't think it mattered but now I can see the hype with Ben Nye products... this Clown White is suuuper waterproof and doesn't budge, so I don't have to worry about it flaking off or creasing. I did expect the thick blood to be a little more goopy and dark but it'll still be fun to experiment with and have different textures in wounds.

Ben Nye can be quite hard to find, so I had to order mine from a site I've never heard of before called Makeup Mania... and quite honestly, it was kind of a disaster. I hate slamming brands or products on my blog just based on a first impression, but I don't want anyone else to go through the same problems. It took over 8 days for my items to be shipped and when I got them, 2 items were wrong from what I ordered, so I would try going with a website you trust or have heard of before such as Amazon to avoid the same problems. (The 2 items that were wrong were the tooth enamel and clown white makeup... I ordered the Krylon Black Tooth Enamel instead of the Ben Nye one, and ordered 3 sizes bigger of the white creme makeup but they did give me a refund for the price difference at least.)

I've already used all these products and did a test run with them on my boyfriend so that post should be up in the next few days so you can see everything in action... keep in mind I've never really done anything with special effects before though so it'll take years for me to be decent at it :P Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing my learning process though.

Shown Above:
Ben Nye // Neutral Set Face Powder 3 oz.
Ben Nye // Clown White Creme Makeup .65 oz.
Ben Nye // Black Tooth Color 
Ben Nye // Thick Blood 1 oz.
Ben Nye // Liquid Latex 4 oz.

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