October 25, 2014

MAC Simpsons Collection | Sideshow You

YAS I did it, I actually got my hands on a piece of the MAC Simpsons collection. I thought I had missed out forever when it was first released because when I finally had money to buy anything, everything I would've wanted was already sold out. I even scouted Ebay afterwards to see if there was anything reasonably priced, but last week, the collection got a restock! I was super happy so naturally I ran to my computer and had to buy the product I wanted the most, which is one of the blushes in Sideshow You.

Sideshow You is this super pretty corally, pink shade with a bit of shimmer in it and the cutest little imprint of Marge's face engraved in the powder. The packaging itself is to die for and it feels alot more expensive then I had imagined, since this is not only my first MAC collection piece but also my first blush from them. Theres a ton of product for the price but I already know I'm gonna hate myself for using this up... can't it just stay pretty forever ;-;

If there's anything else I wish I would've picked up now, it would probably be the Nacho Cheese Explosion and Grand Pumpkin lipglasses, but they seem like they may be a bit easier to find in the future if I do resort to places like Ebay or Amazon in the longrun. Overall, I'm totally stoked about owning this finally, and I can't wait to start stocking my collection with more limited edition pieces.

Shown Above:
MAC // Simpsons Blush in Sideshow You

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