October 27, 2014

Halloween Week | Playing With Special Effects

SFX Makeup

After receiving my Ben Nye goodies from Makeup Mania, it didn't take me very long to start playing with everything, and on my boyfriends face at that. And since its Halloween week, I thought I would bore you guys with posts upon posts through out the week of all the looks I've been trying out :D

This first look isn't really based on anything, and I didn't really have a plan going into it, I just wanted an excuse to use all the products I ordered and practice some basic techniques such as bruising and minor wounds.

I would saying being my own critic, the bruising is probably a bit too bright and the yellowing under the eyes came out crazy harsh on camera, but it was pretty fun in general being my first time doing anything like this since high school. Besides the Ben Nye products I featured in my haul a few days ago (you can find the post here, I used every product except the Black Tooth color) I only used the BH Cosmetics 2nd edition and Elf 144-Piece palette for all the coloring. I know the Makeup Forever flash palette is the most common way to go for special effects makeup and I would totally kill to have one, but until I'm decent at this stuff, these super affordable palettes will do.

If you do decide to pick up a BH palette to do your own special effects with however, I probably wouldn't recommend the 2nd edition like me. Most of the colors are very bold and bright which isn't the greatest for making wounds and bruising with. Also, always use some cheap brushes you don't plan on getting much using out of anymore, especially with liquid latex.

Let me know what you're being for Halloween, and some of your favorite looks involving SFX makeup :)

Shown Above:
Ben Nye // All Products Listed Here
BH Cosmetics // 2nd Edition 120 Palette
Elf // 144-Piece Eyeshadow Palette in Bright

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