October 29, 2014

Halloween Week | Messy Cannibal Clown Practice

Jamming in more practice before Halloween hits us on Friday, I did something a bit different than a few days ago with an actual themed look. This time I was going for your basic clown makeup... with a nasty little twist.

I really wanted to incorporate more liquid latex into this makeup as I think its my biggest challenge to work with, so I decided to go with this joker type mouth to creepen up the look. For liquid latex, I just layer toilet paper with thin coats of latex in between, then carefully cut it open by ripping it or with scissors if its quite thick.

(Why do neither of my models want to do a freaky pose? Grrr.)

The trick to blending latex if you're an amateur like me I've found is lots and lots of blood, haha. This was a super hard makeup to keep looking clean, so I decided to just go all out with it and make it look as messy and grotesque as possible, It was quite fun and I might use it as inspiration for myself this Halloween, but be warned its quite time consuming if you do decide to go the clown route this Halloween.

Because this was just practice, we didn't want to go all out with it, but if it was actually Halloween, I would include blood all over the neck, as well as a wig or some colored hairspray throughout her hair.

I'll list all the products below and where I used them if you're interested :) And for those of you wanting to see beauty posts again and don't care about Halloween, I promise they'll be back next week!

(Sorry for no close up shots with the last two looks. I ordered a lens ring light last week so stay tuned!)
Shown Above:

White Face Paint // Ben Nye Creme Clown White
Setting White Face Paint // Ben Nye Neutral Set Loose Powder
Thick Mouth Blood // Ben Nye Thick Blood
Runny Mouth Blood // Generic Vampire Blood from my local Hallowen Store
Black Eye Socket Color // NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
Liquid Latex for Chelsea Grin Scar // Ben Nye Liquid Latex
Tooth Discoloring // Ben Nye Black Tooth Color
Misc. Coloring // BH Cosmetics 2nd Edition 120 Palette

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