October 30, 2014

Halloween Week | Burned Hand

So normally I plan my posts at least a week before I put them up so I have plenty of time to fine tune them, but with Halloween tomorrow and just taking these pictures today, I thought I would try to throw this up as quick as possible tonight in case any of you find use of this guide for tomorrow :)

My dad asked me earlier if I could make his hands look burned for his Michael Myers costume tomorrow, and since I've never done burn makeup before, I knew I had to get practicing quickly. 

For the first step, I just layered tons of latex on the back of my hand with tiny little pieces of cotton from cotton balls all over the place to give me a bit of texture. Over those, I layered more and more liquid latex until I got the texture and rippling I was looking for. This can feel a little tight and claustrophobic on the hand with so many layers though, so be warned your hands may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Then as the second step, I took a mixture of these three eyeshadows from an Elf 32 palette with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and brushed them all over the latex, making a few areas lighter and darker where I see fit. You can also pull on the latex a bit where there are more layers to ripple it even more or tear it open for exposed wounds.

As the last step, I took the same dark red shade from the Elf palette and added even more definition to areas like my fingers that didn't have very much texture as well as some of the more obvious wounds and bumps. I also took a black and dark burgundy tone in the webbing of my fingers and along the outside of the latex to add even more definition. To finish it off, I dabbed a bit of blood in various places just to make a few areas look more severely burned then others.

Since this is burn effects for Michael Myers's hands, I didn't wanna go super crazy with blood and wounds since his hands don't usually have too much of either from what I've noticed. This look is super easy to do and its a quick way to add more realism to any outfit you may be wearing :)

Shown Above:

Elf // 32 Piece Classic Eye Palette (Discontinued)

Cheap Amazon Brush Set
Generic Brand Cotton Balls // Target
Generic Pack of Triangle Makeup Sponges // Target

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