October 31, 2014

Halloween Week | Our Haunted House & My 'Costume'

So to end off this little Halloween Week series I've had going on through out this week on my blog, I thought I would give you guys a little tour of our house decorations as well as the makeup I wore (since I decided to actually get dressed this year an hour prior to trick or treating).

I haven't really brought it up on my blog yet, but my house goes pretty insane on Halloween as far as decor goes. My dad and sister basically plan the holiday all year round, so this is the craziness it becomes when Halloween actually rolls around.

This video is from an entire overview of our yard, but I also have videos for the clown area as well as the Texas Chainsaw area on my channel in the same playlist if you'd like to watch those too :)

Unfortunately it rained the entire night (not to mention it was super chilly), but this makeup actually somehow lasted through the night. With all this American Horror Story hype, I decided to go for a clown of course. I really just dove into this and made this look up as I went but it ain't too shabby for being planned an hour prior haha.

Hope you all had an awesome night whether you celebrate Halloween or not! And for those of you who don't like Halloween, it'll be back to beauty posts from here on out so no worries ;)

Shown Above:

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