October 8, 2014

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear // Blue It

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue It // $2.99

When I think of Fall, blue definitely isn't the first color to come to mind... However, it does go well with all the colors I do think of, including burgundys and golds and oranges, so I thought it would be a nice little accent against my makeup to do my nails blue this week.

I decided to go for the color Blue It from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line, which honestly might just be my favorite range of polishes I've tried so far. Not only are they some of the cheapest at the drugstore but they also go on really smooth and opaque with one coat and I don't have any problems with chipping too early on. With that being said, I still blow at doing my nails decently at all haha, so bear with me as I try to learn and get up to blogger standards :P

Here, I've applied two coats of Blue It without any base or top coat. This color is definitely a very royal blue tone in person with a bit of sparkle sheen and looks much less messy in real life; thanks camera for always making me look 1000 times worse at everything :< I definitely already miss dark red nails and I'll probably go back to them soon to bring back that Autumn-y mood they put me in, but its always fun to mix it up a bit right?

Shown Above:
Sally Hansen // Xtreme Wear in Blue It

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