November 29, 2014

Smashbox | 24 Hr Photo Finish Shadow Primer

Smashbox 24 Hr Photo Finish Shadow Primer | $20 for .41 oz.

Smashbox is one of those brands I first heard about when I got into beauty and always wanted to try out, but never really knew where to start in their line. That's why I was ecstatic to get this in my little Sephora sample bag earlier this month: I could finally try out a Smashbox product and get a first impression of the brand at last.

Though I'm not one of those people who really needs primers on a daily basis, I still always use a shadow primer since I think it allows my eyeshadows to go on a bit smoother and more pigmented. I've tried out many different popular ones in the past, ranging from Urban Decays Primer Potion to the one in Elfs dollar line, but so far I actually think this Smashbox one is my favorite yet, which is why I've went out of my way to make a post on it today!

I like this Smashbox Shadow Primer more than the ones I've used so far because it goes on really smooth and seamless under my shadows. With other primers like the Primer Potion from UD,  I find it likes to cake up on my lid when I apply it over my foundation and it gets really splotchy and wierd if I swipe it across my lid rather then pat it on. Another problem I've had is with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance; I like the consistency of it, but its gotten watery on me so now when I squeeze out product I get this gross mix of product and water together. The Smashbox primer seems to be an exact middle ground of both products, as its a bit silkier then the Primer Potion but much thicker then Shadow Insurance, so it doesn't get watery on me or cake up on my lid. Plus it has more product for the same price as both, so that's always an added bonus in my book.

I don't normally have a problem with shadows creasing or fading throughout the day, but I do have a tough time getting shades to properly blend by themselves, so this primer works miracles in giving me a soft smooth base that's perfect for blending out even the most stubborn of shades. I also notice my shadows look much better and brighter overall, and the primer feels very comfortable on the lids rather than feeling sticky or heavy like some eye primers can tend to do. The consistency is quite thick when you squeeze it out however, so I always swirl it around with my finger on the back of my hand first.

Overall, I've been loving this really generous sample size of the Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer, and I'll definitely be purchasing the full size once this has ran out! I think it deserves much more attention in comparison to other primers than its gotten and I'm quite excited to give the rest of the Smashbox line a try now.

Have you tried this primer? And if so, how does it rank in your list of favorites?

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