December 15, 2014

E.l.f. | Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve

Elf Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve | $3 for .168 oz.

With so many blushes to choose from in the makeup world, its pretty difficult to know where to start. However, brands like Elf are there to help, with super affordable products and pretty nice quality to show for it. Their studio blushes are some of my all time favorites from the drugstore, and for $3 each, they're definitely where I would recommend blush noobies to start as the selection of colors isn't overwhelming, but theres still plenty of variety.

I own quite a few of the Elf blushes from their studio line by now (4 to be exact...and many more soon), but haven't dug into them very recently so I decided to bring a few of the colors back out into my everyday makeup drawers and start using them again. One of the colors I pulled out was Mellow Mauve, a really pretty satin, rosey mauve shade that goes on effortlessly and smooth. I first bought this color a few months ago and have actually only used it a handle of times until recently which absolutely shocks me because this is now one of my favorites from the range!

I will admit that some of the Elf blushes can be a tad bit powdery (especially the pinker shades for some reason), but Mellow Mauve doesn't have this problem for me. The texture is pretty smooth and soft and glides onto my cheeks without looking too overpowering, but still really buildable and pigmented. This makes it great for beginners as well because its hard to over apply and look unnatural for those that aren't use to blush application yet.

I've worn this for 9+ hours for some of my deathly long work shifts with me running around and on my feet all day, so fading isn't an issue with this shade. The satin glowy finish of it is really unique too, as it comes from really fine flecks of a light blue shimmer through out the blush which I think perfectly compliments this cold winter weather. The packaging itself feels surprisingly good quality  and I love how modern it looks while still being from an affordable company.'

Overall, I think Mellow Mauve would be a great addition to many peoples makeup stash, and for those of you new to makeup or blush, this Elf line seems like a great place to start! For $3 its one of the cheapest cheek products on the market and the quality is absolutely superb for the price you pay.

If you want to see a review on any other shades let me know too, as I'm always trying to find excuses to purchase more makeup and I'm quite the blush junkie as is ;)

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