December 12, 2014

Gift Ideas For The Beauty Junkie | All About The Eyes

I recently put up a post about the products and devices that are on my holiday wishlist, but didn't include very many beauty products at all to give you guys some gift ideas for friends and family in your life that you may be struggling to shop for this season, so if you know any fellow beauty junkies besides yourself but aren't sure what to pick up for them then heres a few ideas!

I actually don't have many people I know at all that are quite as into makeup as I am, which for me is a bit sad as I would love to gift everyone I know some cute products, but that doesn't stop me from brainstorming about what I would buy them, which is probably why this list may be a bit extensive haha. And well... some of the products are ones I'm secretly adding to my wishlist as well. (Some of these items haven't been tried by me though, so definitely read up on some reviews if you aren't sure about a product.)

This list will probably be so extensive in fact that I'm going to try to break it up into parts, but since I started it a bit too late in the month, I'll try to get up as many of them as I can with time to spare if you plan on ordering any of these products. Today, I'll be posting all my eyeshadow based ideas, for those gals (or guys) in your life that love bringing attention to their eyes, whether it be with bright bold colors or neutral smokey eyes.

Bare Minerals | The Incredible Mixologist
This set has to be one of the most fun looking sets I've seen out this season, and seems perfect for those beauty lovers out there who are a bit on the creative side. The set gives you 6 loose eyeshadow colors, a scoop, and 3 empty cosmetic jars as well as a little list of some premade recipes that allow you to mix and create your own eyeshadows, which I think seems so fun to try out. The set isn't too pricey either so this seems like one of those gifts you really can't go wrong with.

Urban Decay | Electric Palette
This has been out for a while now, but seems to be always overshadowed by the next new 'Naked' release. This palette looks insanely beautiful though, and the color payoff is astonishing, so definitely pick up this palette if your giftee is huge on bright bold eye looks and fun colors for every occasion. 

Urban Decay | Vice 3 Palette
The Vice 3 is a great option for those girls that like a lot of variety in their looks, as it comes with a ton of colors, ranging from some sultry maroon shades to some of your basic neutrals. This is the 'do it all' palette, and is great for those who like to keep things clutter free and all in one.

Benefit | World Famous Neutrals in Sexiest Nudes Ever
Because this set comes with two eyeshadow bases, I would say it would work out well for those ladies who like to keep their eye makeup fade and crease free through out the day, particularly someone who works long days or goes out quite often. The shades in this one are super pretty purple colors, but there are a few other sets in the World Famous Neutrals collection if you're looking for something different. 

Kat Von D | Ladybird Palette Set
The Ladybird set is a great deal, as it comes with 3 eye pencils (2 of which are Immortal Love) and one liquid liner, as well as a super pretty eyeshadow palette that has a range of everyday, staple eyeshadow shades. This option is perfect if you wanna gift more than one product but not break the bank, and it comes with 5 products total for just under $50.

Kat Von D | Monarch Palette
I personally think this is one of the most beautiful palettes Kat Von D has released yet, and is full of neutral but bold eyeshadow shades. This is the perfect palette for all year round and is good for those who love their neutral colors but want to go out of the box just a bit.

Anastasia | Tamanna Palette
Anything Anastasia does is gold, and this eye palette is super pretty for such an affordable price. With a bit of color as well as a bit of neutrals, this palette is perfect for those girls that seem to own it all and want something new to try, as its quite underrated in the beauty world. 

Sugarpill | Burning Heart Palette
Sugarpill might just be the go to brand for bold eye colors in the makeup world now a days, and this palette filled with their most popular shades is definitely a great gift choice. These super pigmented, striking shadows are perfect for even the boldest of eye looks, and are great purchases for the makeup pros out there.

NARS | Dual Intensity Eyeshadows
I only added one single eyeshadow line to this list as I find single colors much more difficult to choose from when it comes to gifts, but I had to add in these crazy pretty NARS singles that everyone seems to be talking about lately. These are definitely a splurge buy but are perfect for the women in your life who like their higher end cosmetics and statement shadows.

Z Palette | Large Palette
Annnnd last but not least are these empty, magnetic Z Palettes for those of you who have no idea what colors, shades, textures, or brands to buy from for someone on your list, but know they already have a collection of their own or are planning on receiving lots of shadows from other people and want to contribute something different. These palettes come with 20 metal stickers as well and are used for filling with single eyeshadows, depotted shadows, condensing down a collection, and much more. They come in a ton of different sizes and colors so you can buy different palettes for different people on your list or different colors for the same person if you know they'll find a ton of use for them, which they definitely will (they're also great in the smaller sizes for those that travel a lot as you can pop in a few of your most used shadows into one case).

I know this was quite a hefty list but Christmas is the season for giving after all, and I wanted to include lots of variety for everyone ranging from some popular items to some you may have never seen before :) Let me know if you love any of these products, or if you plan on gifting any of them to your friends and family. 

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