December 9, 2014

First Impression | L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara

L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black | $7.99 

I have to admit, it seems like I've been a bit of a makeup snob lately with my extreme lack of drugstore purchases, but I promise, I haven't avoided them on purpose! Lately I've gotten much more into the drugstore side of my makeup stash, and I have to say, a lot of the products have really been impressing me again. So much so that I'm actually starting to prefer a few of them over my higher end brands.

This mascara however is a new purchase of mine, and one I've wanted for what seems like the longest time but never got around to buying because I had plenty of other mascaras I still had to use up. I'm down to two tubes now though so I thought I would treat myself to finally owning this product, which can I just say is adooorable. Because ya know, mascaras can be adorable too.

I purchased this mascara in the color Blackest Black from Target for around $8 and I have to say, my initial reason for picking it up is probably the name... how cute is the packaging and style for being released by a popular brand?! I'm a huge gamer and geek as most of you probably know so this was basically meant for me. It claims to give that big, wide eyed manga character look and up to 15 times the volume to your regular lashes aka the things many mascaras claim to do (well not the manga look... but you know, the 15 times volume part).

The wand itself doesn't look like anything too unusual, except that its really bendy. Like, really bendy. More so than any other mascaras I've tried, which was a bit intimidating at first as I thought it would be super messy and hard to apply. Its actually not difficult to use at all though, and when applying the wand only bends enough that you aren't tugging on your lashes but not enough to be all over the place and make you spazz haha. 



Along with the wand being surprisingly really good, the formula is also incredible. I thought that this would get pretty clumpy in an effort to look too "manga like", but this formula separates, lengthens, and volumizes my lashes all at once in the first coat and has that "my lashes but way better" look.

Overall, I have to say I'm completely surprised by this mascara. I thought it was one of those products that tries to disguise its cruddy formula with cute packaging but this mascara is probably at the top of my favorites, maybe even more so than my beloved Better Than Sex by Too Faced and Tartes Lights Camera Lashes. I'm not sure it necessarily gives a manga or false lash look, but I do really like the look it does give regardless and I love that it keeps my lashes looking long and clump free. I would say if you're in the market for a new mascara definitely pick this one up because it might just be everything you're looking for, and it comes in a waterproof option too!

Shown Above:
L'oreal | Miss Manga Mascara in 374 Blackest Black

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