December 6, 2014

Holiday Wishlist | 2014

My favorite time of year has officially began, which means in just a few weeks will be Christmas! I know this time of year is all about giving gifts for most people, but sometimes we gotta think about ourselves too and what gifts we want to receive before the year is over, so I've been brainstorming up a little list of all the stuff I'm asking Santa for this Christmas ;)

I feel like the holidays are the perfect time to ask for those gifts you wanted all year, but couldn't justify the means or price of purchasing it for no reason on your own. Also, we all know the best products come out around Christmas time when we're broke spending money on everyone else... I mean who doesn't want a $40 dollar palette with 8 blushes or 20 eyeshadows?!

UNIF HellRaisers 
I've wanted these shoes for years now after first seeing them when I subscribed to Grav3yardgirl on Youtube, but I have yet to purchase them because they're so expensive for being a pair of flats. I'm determined to finally get them this year though, as they seem super comfortable and would be the perfect running around shoes for those busy, errand filled days.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette
Yes, this is actually still on my wishlist haha. I still haven't bought it yet because for the price, it doesn't seem like you get very much product or selection which is a bit of a bummer. I'm hoping I can swallow my guilt though and use some of my Christmas money on it if they restock it on the Sephora site... or invest in one of their full sized blushes at the very least.

MAC Skinfinish Natural in Light
I really don't have any excuse as to why I still don't own one of these darn things yet. The skinfinishes are probably one of the very first products that ever sparked my interest from MAC but here we are, years later and I still don't own one. For a powder its a bit expensive, but powders always last me months on end so it seems like one of these will be worth the investment.

MAC Lipsticks
I'm definitely not picky with this one, as I would probably be happy owning any of the colors MAC has to offer in their lipsticks. A few standouts to me though would probably be Fashion Revival after seeing it on Nikkietutorials in her new video (omg), and a few nudes like Creme d'Nude and Japanese Maple.

OCC Lip Tars
Again, not very picky as far as colors go, but I really just need to own more of these bad boys. I currently own Sebastian which I like, but its definitely not a color I can get away with on a daily basis so I'm hoping to pick up a few more work friendly shades that I can get a bit more use out of, like Grandma and Covet (those are work friendly right?).

Nikon D5200 in Red
This camera has had me drooling for the past few weeks now, but it might be a sliiight bit too expensive for this Christmas. I currently own the D3100 and love it, but I'm really dying to have one with a flip out screen for better blog selfies which this camera has. I don't think that feature alone could justify the $500+ price tag though, so this one may just stay on the wishlist for next year.

Apple TV
This is a fairly new want of mine, but the idea of owning one is pretty exciting to me. I love my Ipad to death so this seems like a really fun way to let me get even more use out of it, and will allow me to play all my apps and media from my device right onto the TV. I've been wanted a device like this for a while now and was considering a Chromecast, but the Apple TV overall seems like a better choice and will give me much more freedom in what I can stream.

Iphone 6 
This is currently most wanted on my wishlist, especially since I still own the ol' ancient Iphone 4. I've been wanting a massive upgrade since my 4 also only holds 8GB of space, so I'm really hoping to splurge on one of these with my Christmas money after the holidays are over and finally have a phone that feels updated with plenty of space for all my music and apps.

Shown Above:
UNIF | HellRaiser Flats
Hourglass | Ambient Lighting Blush Palette
MAC | Skinfinish Natural in Light
MAC | Lipsticks
OCC | Lip Tars
Nikon | D5200 Camera in Red
Apple | Apple TV
Apple | Iphone 6

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