January 27, 2015

Colourpop Firsts | Shadows & Lippies

Colourpop Products | $5 each (Shadows, Lip Pencils, Lippie Stix)

At this point, if you haven't heard of Colourpop yet, you've probably been living under a rock these past few months. Everything ranging from their eyeshadows to their Lippie Stix and pencils have taken social media by storm, with bloggers and Youtubers alike praising their products. In fact, Colourpop has collaborated with many of the most popular people in social media to release products in their collection, including Kathleen Lights and Shaaanxo. Due to all the hype, I just had to pick up a few of their products, getting at least one product from each selection they offer on the site.

Everything from Colourpop is incredibly affordable which was a huge selling point for me, with every single product on their site listed at $5. They also offer gift sets and palettes too that range from $20-$30, but the products inside stay true to the $5 mark and it doesn't cost anything extra to buy them together.

As you can see, I decided to pick up four of their Super Shock eyeshadows, one of their Lippie Stix, and one of their Lip Pencils (I also got my mom a shadow and lippie stix as well, not shown here.) Everything came packaged as beautifully as I had expected, and the colors were spot on as shown on the website.

The shadows I got are Cop A Feel, Game Face, Bae, and Get Lucky. I wanted to go with bold but neutral shades I would get a ton of use out of first, so I think these are all great colors to start out with. They mostly offer vibrant shades on the site at the moment which can be a bummer for those of you who stick to your neutrals, but with the release of their Matte collection a few weeks ago I have a feeling their neutral range will be expanding much larger in the coming months due to their rising popularity.

Cop A Feel is the perfect highlighting shade for me. I could also see myself using this on the eyelid for those no-makeup days to add color to the eye without looking too heavy. 

Game Face is definitely a shade most people are going to love, as its a super bold, orangey brass color. I'm definitely in love with this shadow and I really don't own anything like it so I'm quite excited to use this all year round, as it'll be great for summery bronze days as well as warm winter makeup looks.

Get Lucky is a true gold color with a slight hint of olive it seems, and I think this is the perfect gold that isn't too yellow or too brown on the eye. 

Bae is probably my favorite of the bunch because come on, its beautiful. Its this super eye-catching duo-chrome purple that has bright blue flecks of sparkle in it and I'm just really fascinated by it. I don't normally go for dark colors because I have such dark eyes but I can definitely make an exception for this eyeshadow.

The formula of these is probably one of the most odd yet unique products I've ever owned. Its almost like this squishy, spongey texture that isn't quite a mousse but definitely isn't a powder either. It feels incredibly soft and pigmented but has this wet texture to it and its really one of those products you just have to own to see for yourself.

Because of the wet feel to these, application can be pretty tricky at first, so just play around with them a bit and eventually you'll get used to how they work best and which brushes are easiest to apply. I personally actually find the finger application the worst despite it being the most recommended, because it ends up making my shadow look streaky and unblended. I've had great luck using a dense fluffy brush for the crease as well as a dense shader brush for packing the color on the lid though, so use a variety of methods and brushes your first few uses with these to see what you most prefer :)

Don't let the eyeshadows have all the attention here though, because this Lippie Stix and Lip Pencil deserve just as much of the spotlight.

I got the shade Lumiere in the Lippie Stix, which comes off as this mid-tone, slightly plumy mauve shade that was curated by Kathleen Lights from Youtube. I've recently become obsessed with Kathleen so I had to pick up this shade and I honestly loooove it. The formula is matte and because of this, is a bit tough to get on at first, but it goes on full coverage and beautifully when it is applied so the rougher application definitely doesn't take away from the finished, clean look it gives. I find that this doesn't hydrate nor dry out my lips and its beyond the longest lasting lipstick I own. It easily looks good 5-6 hours after applied with small and few touch ups needed past that.

The lip pencil I bought is in the shade Brink, which works surprisingly perfect with Lumiere and was curated by Brittany Suleiman. Colourpop does offer a matching lip pencil for every single Lippie Stix on their website though, if you decide to get exact combinations instead! The pencil itself applies extremely smooth and matte, and is just as good (if not better) than my MAC lip pencil. I also find that this lasts all day and I really can't get over how easily it glides on without being slippery and smudging.

Bae on the lid, outer corner and lower lashline, with Get Lucky in the inner upper and lower crease

Overall, I'm over the moon with the products I bought from Colourpop and I'm impressed by how 
incredible the quality of every single product is for how inexpensive the prices are. I think brands like Colourpop with cute packaging and a killer color selection are exactly what the drugstore market needs and hey, theres nothing wrong with everyone saving a little money at the end of the day on great products that work :)

Let me know if you've tried Colourpop, and what your favorite products are!

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