February 6, 2015

Empties #3

Looking back on my last empties post, I just realized I had only posted it a little over a month ago, so why the heck do I have so much trash to show you again?!? I feel like I'm someone who uses up products pretty slowly due to the fact that I use so many in rotation with each other at a time, but regardless my little empty bottle stockpile was overflowing again so I figured it was time to do another post on my used up stuff.

First up is a couple of hair and bath products, as they seem to be my most quickly used up.

I ended up finishing off my second can of Batiste dry shampoo, in the scent Cherry this time around. I really like Wild better so I'll probably end up repurchasing that one instead, but Cherry is still a nice girly, fruity scent for those of you who prefer something light and fresh. I'm now completely out of all my dry shampoos though, so I really need to make a hasty Ulta run when I get paid again :<

I also (finally!!!) finished up my 2 mini Lush shower gels that I've had for over a year now because they were due to expire this month in the scents Snow Fairy and Flying Fox. Snow Fairy has basically become a staple in most Lush junkies lives now, with its super sweet, sugary scent almost too hard to resist. Flying Fox on the other hand definitely isn't for everyone, but it actually really grew on me after the first few uses. It has this really odd, honey floral scent to it and I think is one of those you either love it or hate it type of smells. Then we have this OGX conditioner in the Awapuhi Ginger duo, which I have to be honest, didn't really wow me.

I'm about to be finished up with its shampoo counterpart, but I've always thought the brand looked so intriguing and this particular set just disappointed. I haven't given up yet though, as I still want to try at least one more of the OGX duos until I really decide if the brands for me or not!

The next set of items is all skincare, which I also oddly seem to go through like crazy.

These makeup wipes are just from the Up & Up generic Target brand, but I actually really like them. They're the only wipes I've managed to repurchase so far and they don't bug my eyes or irritate my skin unlike the Burt Bees ones by the end of the pack. They're also quite cheap, and Target always offers coupons for $1 off any Up & Up item so I always get mad deals on these :{D

I went through this Neutrogena toner recently too, which wasn't too bad. Neutrogena is probably my go to brand when it comes to drugstore skincare, so I would probably repurchase this again if I was in a rut and needed to pick up something easy, but at the moment I've really been loving my Tea Tree Toner from The Body Shop instead.

And on the topic of The Body Shop, I also finished up this Elderflower Eye Gel from them which I didn't love, but you can go ahead and read my full review for it here.

Last up is a little random group, including some beauty, lip care, and a little sample.

The little sample is of the SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion that I got in my December Ipsy bag, and I actually ended up quite liking it! It reminds me a bit of the Origins Energy-Boosting Moisturizer that everyone raves about, and smelled really nice. It was light on the skin and hydrated pretty well, but my only grump about this product is the fact that its pretty pricey and a bit of a hassle to actually buy as it seems you can only purchase it from the SeaRx website.

Then we go on to the only makeup product I used up this last month, which is my beloved Kat Von D Lock It foundation. When I first bought this foundation, it was my holy grail, every day foundation but as it got older it seemed to go a little pink on my skin (is that normal?), so I ended up using it as a concealer for the rest of the bottle. This foundation has amazing lasting power and incredible coverage though, so I will definitely be repurchasing it very soon as I think the new shades being released will be just what I need to obsess over it again. (And theres a review for it too, here!)

Annnd onto the final product, which is this little boring Carmex lip balm. I'm sure you've all tried this by now, and know thats its basically one of the most hydrating, heavy duty lip balms out there. Though I have a ton of other chapsticks lying around, this (and others in these types of jars) are always my go to balms when my lips are feeling extra dry and I need a real moisture boost. Plus, they're insanely affordable and basically last forever.

Okay guys! I hope you enjoyed another empties post from little ol' me, and look out for my next post as I'm super dee duper excited to share something new I got with you ;) Let me know your opinion on any products mentioned as well in the comments below!

Shown Above:
Lush | Shower Gel in Snow Fairy (Limited Edition)
Lush | Shower Gel in Flying Fox
OGX | Awapuhi Ginger Conditioner
Batiste | Dry Shampoo in Cherry
Up & Up | Makeup Remover Wipes
Neutrogena | Rapid Clear Toner
The Body Shop | Elderflower Cooling Eye Gel
SeaRx | Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion
Kat Von D | Lock It Foundation in Light 44

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